Parent Connect: Reading Lives vs. Reading Levels

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  • Reading

    Lives VS


    Levels Karin Halle*

    Andrea Hernandez Parent Connect

  • How do YOU choose a book?

  • I PICK

    I Choose Purpose Interest Comprehension Know the words

  • Understanding STAR/AR

  • 4.5 4.6 4.7 4.4

    Book Levels

  • Sentences per


    Line Height & Length

    Font Size

    Difficulty of Vocabulary

    Words per Sentence

    Characters per Word

    Book Level

  • LG K-3

    MG 4-8

    MG+ 6-12

    UG 9-12

    Interest Levels

  • IL K-3 BL 4.5

    IL 4-8 BL 4.5

    IL 6-12 BL 4.5

    IL 9-12 BL 4.5

  • Its a Tool!

  • snapshots

  • snapshots

  • There is no shortcut for knowing our

    students & knowing

    books theres not a database

    for that. -Donalyn Miller

  • Is My Kid Reading on Grade Level? A Better Question: Is My Kid Reading?

  • Reading is not a competitive sport


  • Be careful how you measure what is at level.