Orivesi Countryside

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  • a rowan

    Berries in autumn

  • Wild ducks

  • Swans prepare for migration to Holland and England in October. They gather in large groups to the village of Erjrvi every year.The brown swans were born this year.

  • Crane

  • We know, there are better places for cows to live

  • Corky fungus

  • dead pine still standing

  • Beautiful corky fungus

  • Beard Moss

  • Lichen

  • Gnarl or Knot

  • Squirrel

  • The maple is mostly seen in towns

  • Poplar

  • The oak is rare in Finland

  • A wild foxsorry, a Shetland Sheepdog(foxes dont want to be photographed)

  • Silver Willow

  • Finland = Forests and LakesDucksMore DucksRowanWild geese ready for migrationPicturesque log housesFinland = a birch, a rowing boat and a sauna by the lakeOr: a birch and a motorized boatTraditionally a countryside house is painted red. After a frosty nightWho lives in here? Corky FungusFinns value dead treesA beautiful corky fungus growing on a birchLichenGnarl