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Chris Pegler, Academic Director for SCORE (Support Centre for Open Resources in Education). Presentation from the "OpenLearn 3 Years On: Milestones & Future Outlook " event.


  • 1. Chris Pegler Academic Director (SCORE) OpenLearn to SCORE
  • 2. What is SCORE?
    • Support Centre for Open Resources in Education
    • 3yr programme within HEFCE-funded Shared Solutions
    • Drawing from OpenLearn as an outlet for managing and using educational resources, supporting teaching, learning and research activities
    • Aiming at educators to support sector-wide OER activity
    • Three main roles: OER sharing (resources and expertise), community support and fellowships
    • Special tie to UK OER alliance (HEFCE/JISC/HEA) but retaining international connections with OCWConsortium and EADTU.
  • 3. Thanks can we have more?
    • A big thank you to the faculties and faculty reps who have helped OL
    • Content is still needed as OpenLearn continues to grow as part of SCORE and
    • As OL increasingly becomes part of what the OU does.
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  • 4. The importance of partners iSpot Virtual Microscope iTunesU Open2 .net YouTube Stadium KMi IET LTS ORO POCKET Steeple LORO TESSA HEAT SPACE ASPECT OLNet Edu Share MORIL iCoper SIDECAP Open SE Open Ed 2.0 OPAL
  • 5.
    • New partners
    • UK OER Institutional projects
    • Coventry University Open Content Employability Project
    • Exeter University Open Exeter
    • Leeds Metropolitan University Unicycle
    • Leicester University OTTER
    • Nottingham University BERLiN
    • Oxford University Open Spires
    • Staffordshire University OpenStaffs
    • UK OER Individual projects
    • University of York Open Source Electronics Learning Tools
    • University of Westminster project
    • University College Falmouth openUCF
    • Anglia Ruskin University NumBat (Numeracy Bank)
    • UCL OL Environment Early Modern Low Countries History
    • University of Central Lancashire EVOLUTION
    • University of Lincoln Chemistry.FM
    • Bradford University OER Project
    • UK OER Subject (programme) projects
    • SC LLAS (Southampton), ENG (Royal Holloway), PRS (Leeds), HCA (Warwick) The HumBox Project
    • SC ICS (Ulster) OE Repository for Computer Science
    • SC ENG (Loughborough) OER Pilot
    • SC UKCME (Liverpool) CORE-Materials
    • SC Economics (Bristol) TRUE
    • SC Physical Sciences (Hull/Liverpool) Skills for Scientists
    • SC GEES (Plymouth) C-change in GEES SC ADM (Brighton) OER in Art, Design and Media
    • SC MSOR (Nottingham Trent) FETLAR
    • SC Bioscience (Leeds) Interactive Lab & Fieldwork Manual
    • SC UKCLE (Warwick) Simulation Learning Resources
    • SC HSAP (KCL) Public Health OER in University Sector
    • (PHORUS) SC C-SAP (Birmingham) Evaluating collective endeavour in OER for the social sciences
    • SC MEDEV (Newcastle) Organising OERs (OOER)
  • 6. Collaborations + Experiments
    • Labspace = a distinct area within OpenLearn where playful and collaborative activity can occur.
    • Strength in combination of open content and tools for sharing beyond content
    • Look out for more formal badged and branded collaborations areas in Labspace
  • 7. Sector content coming to OL Project on open content for knowledge exposition & teaching deposited into OpenLearn
  • 8. SCORE fellowship scheme
    • Drawing on CETL experience
    • 36 fellows over 3 years, or 6 full-time equivalents so significant group
    • Full and associate fellowships ranging from 3-6 months full time, to more part-time flavours
    • 2/3 of fellows from other English HEIs.
    • Contributing to SCORE and OU and OER across the sector in an exchange where the OU learns as well as teaches .
    • Working with OLNet and other OU OER projects
  • 9. What else will you see?
    • New SCORE website (from Feb 2010) to support and develop a vibrant web 2.0-based community around UK OER projects.
    • Strong links from this into OpenLearn.
    • Developing more OU OER partnerships (e.g. working with HE Academic Practice courses to introduce OER to teachers new to teaching in HE)
    • The OU continues to lead OER and increasingly shares what it knows across the sector to influence policy and practice.