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Shortened version with an open challenge for an Open Badge for "Discerning Learners". Find the misleading slide and add a piece of helpful information to earn the badge. Moved from a duplicate account (


  • 1. Open Badges &Skills Portfolios:Visual Pathways to the FutureBADGE CHALLENGEVERSIONNovember 17, 2014Don PresantPresentation

2. What are Open Badges?Brief 3. Origins of Badges Since pre-Romantimes Heraldry, Military,Blue Light, Boy Scouts Public recognition:achievement,affiliation, authority Online Tracking Android App 4. What is an Open Badge?Micro credentials - modular record of learningA digital representation of an accomplishment,interest or affiliation that is visual, availableonline, and contains metadata includingtrusted links that help explain the context,meaning, process and result of an activity.As an open artefact, the earner can present thebadge in different contexts from which it wasearned. Clear progress markers Motivating learners, supporting advisors Flexible learning pathways Granular, incremental, multi-source,laddered, remixable Visual branding Issuers and learners Online trust system Demonstrate skills & capabilities Proof of performance Backed by issuer 5. What is an Open Badge?Different perspectivesTECHNICAL DESCRIPTION A portable graphic with an embedded description and links tosupporting informationSUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT A micro-credential A discrete record in a modular transcriptFORMATIVE ASSESSMENT A reward for positive (prescribed) behaviour A marker on a development patha simple digital standard for recognizing and sharingachievements, skills and performance 6. Open Badges: Lifelong, Lifewide LearningMATUREADULTYOUTHPersonalLearningWorkplaceEngagementLOWSTAKESHIGHJob HireSTAKESVolunteerExperienceWorkPlacementsAfterSchoolProgramsClassroomEngagementMOOCsCo-CurricularRecordWorkshopsP/T &SummerJobsAdmission toHigher EdAdmission toPost GradSchoolsConferencesRecognitionof PriorLearningEmployabilityPortfolioCareerTransitionPromotionCommunitiesofPracticeMemberships,AffiliationsAwards,AchievementsTeamBuilding HardCredentialsSoftCredentialsRed Cross,Cadets,Scouts,etc.E-learningCoursesFormativeFeedbackAwards,AchievementsContinuingEducation 7. Open Badges & Social MediaCurated in ePortfolioInteractive criteriaLinkedIn ProfilePulled from BackpackFacebook timeline 8. Emerging public policyUS Secretary of Education 9. Emerging public policy: UKMinister of State for Skills and EnterpriseIn broad terms, the conferring of an Open Badgeon a learner is similar to the award of aqualification certificate, and the same qualitystandards must be ensured.The emerging opportunities offered by OpenBadges in the areas of peer assessment,employer partnership, learning analytics andthe engagement of learners means that it shouldbe considered in learning technology at variouslevels.We will encourage Awarding Organisations, Ofqualand Ofsted to be aware of the potential of thistechnology.Matthew Hancock, June 2014Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG) recommendations: government response 10. Open Badges & workforce entryMissouri Customer Service Badges 11. Continuing EducationCredentialing non-credited PDThere are 120 badges to berolled out this summer (2014),encompassing multipleassessments within 25-30new classes not currently partof the system.Strategic Objective:Creation and promotion ofinnovative, market-basedcredentials in credit, non-creditand Badges). 12. Future VisionPerformance Management/Professional Development 13. Open Badges & workplace learningMeeting the skills needs of employers Filtering new hires Tracking internal training Brokering external training Functional skills, Essential Skills, Leadership Recognizing formal learning Social learning (communities of practice) Experiential learning(e.g. Work Integrated Learning, projects, temporary assignments) Self-directed learning(e.g. reading, reflection, goal-oriented missions) Building skills passports, micro-portfolios Assembling teams, building organizational portfolios Managing performance, developing careers, groomingemerging talent 14. Workforce PipelineCity & Guilds (UK vocational qualifications body) 15. Badge Solution: Open Badge FactoryCloud-based badge management & 16. Features and Currently: Centralized cloud service with Open API: manage badges in oneplace, issue in many (LMS, HR, etc.) Controlled access for organizations Controlled roles within organizations Creator, Issuer, Administrator Detailed reports Badge applications (requests) Milestone badges (meta-badges) Coming soon: Multi-lingual badges Badge Passport (c. November) 17. Dec 2014: Badge PassportCompanion to Open Badge Factory Flexible alternative to Mozilla Backpack Connected to Open Badge Factory & Mozilla Backpack Micro-portfolios: profile, badges, supporting information Badge communities hosted by issuers/aggregators Companies, educators/trainers, associations, sectors,professional bodies, funders, regions Join, share, discover, match and aggregate badges Badge earners, badges to earn, badges sought Search and report based on badge data Tiered subscription model Free for badge earners Subscriptions for organizations Custom installations for private/complex solutions 18. A cloud-powered Skills ExchangeSmall pieces, loosely joinedMozilla BackpackStore, Share badgesOpen Badge FactoryCreate, Issue, ManagebadgesBadge PassportStore, Share, ConnectbadgesOpenAPIOpenAPIMoodlePlug-inIssue badgesMahara ePPlug-inIssue badgesGlobal Badge CommunityIssuers, earnersOpenAPIIssuerGroupsEarnerPassportsOpenAPIsModular.Flexible.Interoperable.Other possible plug-inseLearningPlatformsePortfolioPlatformsCommunityPlatformsWordPress,Drupal (CMS)SAP, Oracle(ERP/HRIS) 19. A new skills currencyOpen Badges, ePortfolios &Badge Passports Visually efficient and appealing Engages, builds confidence, provides continuing feedback Individual pathways, multiple sources of learning Formal non-formal informal learning Modular, stackable, diverse, remixable, portable, shareable Programs not completed can be partially recognized and recombined Add evidence, reflection as appropriate Drill down to specifics, or roll up into larger outcomes Combined in badge passports & ePortfolios Common standard for skills exchange Trustable, easy to understand Transparent criteria, evidence, issue/expiry date Flexible alignment to frameworks, requirements, training plans Issuing organization is validated and branded by the badges it issues;maintains ongoing connection to earners Learner centred, employer friendly 20. Presentation learningagents.caTwitter: donpresantePortfolio:


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