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Notre Dame College Moodle Training - Gradebook and Assignments

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This tutorial is for faculty at Notre Dame College of Ohio and provides an overview of how to add resources to your course. The tutorial also demonstrates how to create both online and offline assignment.

Text of Notre Dame College Moodle Training - Gradebook and Assignments

  • 1. Grade Book and Assignments in NDC Moodle at
    Notre Dame College
    Mission Statement: Notre Dame College, a Catholic institution in the tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame, educates a diverse population in the liberal arts for personal, professional and global responsibility.
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  • 7. Icons to the right of an activity allow you to modify that activity in some way by clicking on the icon
    The right-pointing arrow indents the activity in the same line
    The double up/down arrows allow you to move that activity somewhere else, either within the same lesson or anywhere in the course
  • 8. The hand with pen opens the activity and allows you to edit it.
    Clicking the eye hides the activity from student view. If the eye is closed, clicking it will re-open the activity to view
    The X deletes a resource or activity
    The person at the far right has to do with groups and will not be covered in this module
  • 9. To add a file, start by clicking on the Add a resource drop down menu and then select Link to a file or web site
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  • 17. Creating an assignment that will show up in the grade book
  • 18. To add an activity (aka assignment) start by clicking the Add an activity drop down menu
  • 19. Types of Activities
    Assignments will be the most common basic use
    Advanced uploading of filesallows students to upload up to 20 files in one assignment
    Online textallows student to type their assignment into Moodle (not recommended)
    Upload a single fileallows students to upload one document into the course
    Offline activityis a place holder that allows instructor to record points for assignments done offline
  • 20. Types of Activities (Cont)
    Other activities you might use:
    Chat: Synchronous chat session
    Forum: Asynchronous online discussion board
    Quiz: Create a quiz or exam that can be taken in the course (not a basic feature but we can provide information for self-study)
  • 21. Practice creating activities
    We will cover creating two types of activities
    Upload a single file
    Offline Activity
    After creating each activity, well set the activity up in the grade book
  • 22. From the activities drop down menu, click on Upload single file
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  • 31. You can see the categories that currently exist in our coursewe want to add a new one for essays
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  • 33. You now see that Essays is an option to choose as a category..choose it and then click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.
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  • 35. Adding an Offline Assignment
    This is a way for you to record points for assignments that are done outside of Moodle
    Attendance is handled this way (although there are not points)
    Quizzes and exams
    Anything that you dont have a student submit through Moodle but need have recorded as a grade
  • 36. Adding an Offline Assignment
    Same process as adding other assignments
    Need to go back to grade book and categorize it
    After manually grading the assignment, enter the grade in the grade book.
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