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Movies and Films

Assessment #9Movie Promo PosterMovies and Films Elective course1Prof. Luisa M. Morales-Molina

InstructionsDesign a poster to promote an original movie with the following elements:TitleActorsPromo messageScene DirectorProducerFilm companyRelease date2

MaterialsAll materials will be brought to class on or before Friday November 20th. Poster board will be provided by teacher. Each student will bring in the rest of the materials. These will include some or all of the following:(1) Coloring pencils or markers, (2) glue, (3) related cut-outs from newspapers, magazines, print-outs of clip art, (4) photos and others. All materials shall be brought in on due date in a shopping bag or box and must be ready for assembly. 3

Work days for PosterFriday, November 20Tuesday, November 24Monday, November 30The last day will be to work on finishing touches.Each student will present his poster to the rest of the class. 4


Note: Poster size will be 11 by 14 inches5

Samples: 1


Samples: 2


Samples: 3


Samples: 4


Samples: 5


Evaluation: Rubric