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Module 2 : Task 7 (activity) Module 2 : Task 7 (activity) Name: Nurkhairain binti Mohd KalipSocial network: Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Malaysia.Email: 2.0 - TeachingName: DropboxLogo: Description: keeps your files safe and easy to share offline or online.Educational opportunities: helps student to share information by sharing it. It is easy to learn and can mange file without worrying file lose. M-Learning: Android Apps for teachingName: google BooksLogo: Description: It is service by Google Inc. that helps people searches full text of books online.Educational opportunities: by using this Apps, it make it more easier to find a desire book just one click. This Apps also provide reference pages for every book so people can quickly find relevant information. Online VideoName: YoutubeLogo:Description: it is a video-sharing website. Educational opportunities: easy for teacher to find academic materials for student to learn. Student also can find relevant topic from this site. It is understandable as the video might include simulation or modeling.