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Media Evaluation

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Page 1: Media Evaluation

EVALUATION By Danielle Rippengill

Page 2: Media Evaluation

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?I feel that the combination of our main product and both ancillary texts is very effective, from all

our research about short films, advertisement posters and front covers of magazines we have been able to use their conventions, create and develop our own. From the research we have done we can see the continuity and links throughout from the film onto to the creation and production of there advertisement poster and front page of a film magazine. An exemplar from our research is this new film called “New Moon” its been advertised continuously and is very highly rated, here is a front cover of a film magazine which this new film was advertised on;

Here are just some of the posters which have been advertising this

new film...

Page 3: Media Evaluation

The sections of the poster and magazine in the purple box shows the continuity of the same font they have used throughout , they have used a little variety in colours , some of the golden colours are lighter/darker but that varies with the effect of the poster . The first poster on the left is quite light and has a misty effect there for the texts reflects this and its light, the light blue coloured poster with the light shinning down on the women also continues this effect onto the font/text as this is blue, the effect from this I feel they are achieving is a light of a moon shining down on her. Also to show the light of the moon this links with the magazine front cover very well, the font is the same but they don’t have the lines on the text but they still show what I feel is to be the moon light which shows repetition throughout.

The backgrounds of all the posters and the magazine show similar settings which represent the story, the storyline is about a vampire who is vegetarian, he doesn't like killing/biting human beings and this girl he loves wants to become a vampire but he refuses for her too because he cares about her, the setting is outside in a forest and you can see this from the posters and the magazine, some of the settings are set at rocky areas by the sea which is also shown by the posters, another setting which is highly used is an old building which I felt is creepy as we stereo typical associate old buildings with ghosts and un-realistic figures .I feel that in most of the posters of the leading roll played by the man , looks very protective over the women, as if he is looking over her which shows protection, the poster with him standing behind her and his arm across her shows I felt him being violent he seems to have a strong grip in her shoulder but then his facial expression is very relaxed like hers but i feel he looks controlling and she as she in his arms I think he is very forceful from this photo.

Page 4: Media Evaluation

Another example from our research IRONMAN 2

Here as you can see are the posters which are created along with the magazine front cover , we got these posters to help us in our research and the same as the magazine front cover, we looked in great detail at how the both advertisement media’s combined together to create similarities which helped us make link s in our work , which I feel helped create a more realistic touch to our final pieces.The magazine front cover is from one of the most famous “EMPIRE” magazines and is very well known in the industry, which one of the main reasons why we have picked this magazine, they have a place in today market which sell and to get ideas from a successful selling magazine .

Page 5: Media Evaluation

These Iron man 2 posters and magazine front cover have several different links between them , in the Iron Man 2 film there is usually a lot of blue light which is what we can see in these posters apart from 1/2 . The magazine front cover has blue text witch lightning coming out of it which as we can see in the poster in the bottom right hand corner , the “bad guy” of the film creates a new weapon and its made of electric wires which cut through anything and I felt that the lighting bolts in the text represents this link.Another link between them I have made from the magazine cover and the posters is the little blue light on there chest, this represents life and when they have the Iron Man outfit on this light shows there “alive” also the eyes light up to show this , they look very evil eyes but in the film Iron Man is the “goo d guy” and saves the day. The way the photos have been taken are in a specific way I feel, he looked heroic I felt as in every poster of Iron Man he is starring right at the viewer and this could also be a good selling point for the film as this will attract the attention of the audience or anyone who is walking by the poster.Also on all of the posters and the magazine there is a lot of black and the photos are quite shadowed and I felt that this represents that either characters within this film are deceitful and also that characters have 2 sides of them, a darker one. The poster which is in black white has 1 central character (who played Iron Man) and a character within him which is the “bad guy” as he tries to create more robots like Iron Man to kill and him take over the world, the characters which surround both these are important to the storyline as they are faded in.

Page 6: Media Evaluation

Another example from our research (from my blog/slide share)This is an example of research which we analysed and used to help us get forms and conventions from a real magazine, we analysed the colour schemes and how they varied or how thy kept to only certain colours to help fit the genre and mood of the film, also we looked at the use of photos they had the way they angles there photos to represent different characters and show this through photos for example, the golden compass we can see from the magazine front cover the background is very fantasy and their costume is set back a century from these little clues we can patch together to create our own opinions on what the film will be about.

Under these pieces of work there is our poster analyse and research which helped us pick up on key forms and conventions for example every one of these posters has a slogan some where placed and we included this into out work, the slogan is to attract the audience’s attention and bring the audience in through using selective words and I felt that the font of the text also helps represent the genre of the film and this is why we have used different font for the madness font, also from these posters we

were able to establish the layout of our poster and we used this idea from pineapple express.

The same as with the magazine front covers we looked at the colour scheme and how it represented the genre for example The Invisible poster is very dark and you cant see the character and this leaves the audience in making there own decision and this leaves a mysterious feeling about this film and poster.

We also looked at how the photos were and the angles they had chosen to used to help also represent the film and we could then take these ideas and use them when we done a photo shoot

Page 7: Media Evaluation

Another example from our research (from my blog/slide share)

These three pieces of work below are our music research which we had looked into, we looked at Charlie Chaplin videos and Looney Tunes in particular , as our film was a silent film we thought it best to look at a real silent film that was very comical and popular and well known, this would then give us real live forms and convention s which we can use as ideas for our own short film.

As they didn't have characters speaking in there silent films hence the word “silent” they use slides with words on instead, this being a typical convention of a silent film we have included this in our short film, although we say its a silent film we have added a twist at the beginning, the teacher shouts into the camera which is a POV shot of the pupil. We done because we wanted to modernise it, many people may think a silent film in black in white is boring and as our target audience were teenagers we felt having this at the beginning of the short film will grab there attention and also to out line the storyline as the reason they teacher is shouting at them is because they mustn't be late for there exam.

We also looked at the sound effects and the backing music we would have in short film and from this we then wanted to add comical sounds with movements for example when Charlotte sits down we hear a bomb going on as this a comical feature Looney tunes has, from watching Charlie Chaplin we also realised that by speeding up the movement this is also a comical factor that they used to use and will have too. The backing

music we also looked at and it speeds up when the action gets faster and also shows the characters emotions for example in our short film when Charlotte has the photo of this boy she likes the music sounds raunchy and like a dancing song, quite passionate and this is to show her emotion and feelings towards him.

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Page 9: Media Evaluation
Page 10: Media Evaluation

This convention which we have in our front cover is from our research of the

magazine empire, we felt that this section really showed the reader what was in the rest of the magazine as it said “plus” and then had arrows making you want to turn the page which we felt worked really well also the way the title of the film was in

the middle worked well with our ideas of the photo we were going to use. We used a barcode in the bottom corner which is a

real convention to make the magazine seem for life like and real.

This section at the top of the front cover is to attract the audience even more, from all 4 magazines from our research they had this section, I also know from last years work that this section at the top of this magazine front cover was a convention they typically use in most. We did some research into what new films were coming out and what wasn't and came up with spider man 4 and toy story 3.

Here we have the magazine title, we decided on our name through audience research and feedback by doing surveys and decided on “films 4 you” the reason we had chosen to use a “4” instead of “for” was because many youngsters of today tend to use slang a lot more than they used to, when they send texts they abbreviate typical words such as for to 4 and when there typing on social networking sites and as teens are out target audience this one of the many reasons we chose the 4 because this will interact with them as such and they can relate to it.

From the research our main influence was from total film, the big bold letters stood out to us and will do a reader, also using the colour white was is simple but gives a good impact to the eye, also from this magazine we liked how the photo went behind the text and we also used this.

The actual main focus on our magazine front cover is our two characters, we were influenced by the new moon front cover more than the others as the characters are all standing and we get a view and our options build on them judging by the way there body language, facial expressions and costume, and as you can see from our front cover the character Charlotte is holding some books and folders and is wearing her glasses which is a typical key symbol of a geek which is stereo typical, her facial expressions are happy and her eyes wide open and in comparison to Joe he is slouched over with his eyes squinting to show he is sleepy and lazy, he doesn't have a bag or any books which shows he isn't bothered by school and doesn't even bring a pen.

We added in the too late convention which is representing a digital alarm clock, we felt this might show and give a little but of the story line away which is good as it keeps the audience wanting to read more ad watch the film

Page 11: Media Evaluation

Here are both our ancillary tasks and there linksThese are our final advertisement poster and final magazine front cover, using for both our research I feel that these two tasks do look realistic as we used our research well from the first two magazines and there posters I spoke about in my evaluation I feel this look just as good we have links in similar conventions .

Firstly the colour scheme is all kept in tack and we have used white, blue and black , just like the real magazines and the posters that match, they all link together with the use of colours and keep to a simple amount which we have created also.

Secondly the effect we were able to put on the photographs made the not only both tasks link together but also it links to our film, our film is in a sepia tone colour and we have been able to adjust colour in Photoshop to this effect can run throughout.

Thirdly we have the clock we have made which represents a digital alarm clock saying too late which also like I said before this lets part of story line be revealed and gives the audience something to think about.

Lastly we have used the same fonts and slogan which all link together, they give the audience more information about the film, as they only have a piece of paper to show and tell what film is about we have to give as much information but with not enough to let them produce there own opinions

Page 12: Media Evaluation

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

We have created our feedback group on a social networking site called facebook here is the link:


We have been able to upload our video onto our group we have created on facebook for people to leave feedback and tell us what they think of it, one of the reasons have chosen facebook is because the users of this social networking site are our target audience which we want hit with

our film and there for our feed back will be accurate.

Creating a group on facebook allowed us to create a discussion board where we could create a post asking questions for our audience to complete the question we asked were;

1) Give a brief summary of the Storyline

2) What did you like about the video?

3) What didn't you like about the video?

4) Did the music fit the on-screen activity well?

5) Was there a good variety of shots?

6) What do you feel we could improve on?

7) Any other comments and feedback!

Q1, we have asked this question so we can make sure that the story line comes across correctly.

Q2, it is good to get the opinions of the target audience of what they like so we no we have hit the correct audience

Q3, and on the other had it is also good to get the opinions of what the target audience dislike as we know what to improve on

Q4, as our film is a silent film we reply on the music that comments on the action and runs along side it and we need to no what the audience thinks.

Q5, as our film is a silent film we need to be precise on our shots and angles this is why we asked this question

Q6, as we only had a rough copy of the film this was a good opportunity to ask what we could improve on as we have time to improve

Q7, if we have missed any questions that the audience want to comment on they can with this question

Page 13: Media Evaluation

Here are some examples from our feedback

1) A teacher warns two pupils (Charlotte and Joe) that their work is not up to standard, and that they have an exam after the weekend which they must attend. Charlotte puts off all her revision for the exam until Sunday evening, but drops off to sleep halfway through, and eventually hurries off to bed - at 1 AM. Joe, however, sleeps for what seems like the whole of Sunday. On the following Monday morning the two go through their daily routines, with Charlotte's being the more hectic and rushed, while Joe hardly bothers with getting ready. They meet on the way to school, both late for the exam, and after a bit of a rush to get to the exam hall, they discover that it is in fact on Tuesday.

2) The concept of the video being a silent movie was great. :) A lot of funny elements, in particular the clock appearing out of nowhere, and the character's interactions with the camera, were used to great effect. The result was that the movie was very funny overall, and very spontaneous - I never really knew quite what to expect. Plus, the ending gave me a good laugh. :)

3) Can't really think of anything. I think I'll just answer question (6) instead. :P

4) The music fit each scene extremely well and really helped to convey the attitudes of the two characters. :) I noticed, however, that Charlotte had several different bits of music while Joe seemed to only have one. Perhaps the music could've been a bit more varied in that respect.

5) Shots were varied well. Angled shots (like the one where Charlotte lands in her chair) were used effectively. The only part which seemed to recycle clips was when the video kept cutting back to Joe, asleep, although this was actually pretty effective. :)

6) While this was a very good video, it does appear to be a parody of the "silent" movies, so the intro (with Mr. Bliss's voice) and the parts with added sound effects were not absolutely necessary (unless I'm wrong and the syllabus states that you HAD to include sound effects somewhere in your video :P). The emotions of the characters came through very well, but I'd have liked to see a few more of their facial expressions - quite a lot of the time they had their face away from the camera.

7) As I said, this was a really funny video. :D I love the contrast you guys created between the two characters - Hermione's over-the-top facial expressions and Foxy's slouching movements were perfect. :P

Great job, you guys!

This is exactly the outline of the short film and this person has understood thisAs the genre is comedy it was good to see the ending did give that comical factor along with the clock

We chose the music to match the characters so its good the audience noticed, and we deliberately chose that same shot for Joe so I'm pleased the effect workedWe should have re-shot some scenes with different and more facial expressions but being let down by actors was our big let down for this

Page 14: Media Evaluation

1) Give a brief summary of the Storyline: The teacher tells both the male and female characters that they have an exam soon. The female character is hard working and stays up all night revising. The male character is lazy and stays in bed. In the morning both characters over sleep. The girl rushes to get to school whilst the boy takes his time but when they arrive at school they realise their exam is on a different day.

2) What did you like about the video? The music fitted together well with the action and there was good use of a variety of shots. It all fitted together well.

3) What didn't you like about the video? Some parts were a little confusing. It wasn't clear who the person in the frame was and why she did piano practise (although was that to show that she was hard working?)

4) Did the music fit the on-screen activity well? Yes it did.

5) Was there a good variety of shots? Yes, a good mixture of close ups and wide shots.

6) What do you feel we could improve on? Showing the picture in the frame more clearly (but that is a really minor point!)

7) Any other comments and feedback! Really good, well done! :)This person knows the outline of the storyline which means the short film was clear, she did say that the part where Charlotte played the piano was confusing so this is why we added in our slide saying “but first piano practise” (shown below) she said the music fitted with the music which was one of our main concerns.

From this comment we learnt we should make things more clear to the audience instead of just assuming they would understand we needed to be more clear.

Page 15: Media Evaluation

1) charlotte and joe get warned by their teacher that they had an exam afer the weekend. charlotte is the studious one out of the two and stays up revising and has a panicked approach to getting to her exam on time whereas joe is either very laid back and doesn't really care or just very lazy and sleeps alot. then in turns out their exam is actually tuesday.

2) the contrast between the two characters, how it was easy to follow and how there are moments throughout with comic value

3) and 4) for me at times the music did get a bit repetitive but then i thought at other times it fitted perfectly with what was happening and helped show the contrast between the characteristics of charlotte and joe.

5) yes, close-ups and wide shots

6) its a silent film so is it necessary for mr bliss talking at the beginning.....couldn't that be in the same written format as the rest of it?

7) really good job guys, my comment in number 6 is just being picky :)From this comment we decided to change our music, when the two characters to wake up and they have there daily routine in getting ready, the music jumps between the two characters where as before we just had the same music over and over again and with this improvement I felt made the routine seem more up beat and full of action instead of the music dragging on.

Page 16: Media Evaluation

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Here is our group and the technology we have used throughout, behind us is our work we have been working on as you can see part of the poster and one of the slide from our video;

Page 17: Media Evaluation

Technology used for different stages of our work

• Adobe Premiere – show by the screen shots below we used this programme to create our short film

Down the side here the area I have boxed in is where we changed the brightness of parts of the film, some sections where Joe is in the kitchen there are not many windows so much not light could come through, so by going to this area and dragging the effects where the arrow is pointing we are able to change the brightness which is what I learned when using this tool

This section is where the clips and our recording would go and to edit them we dragged them onto the time line, when doing our evaluation I learned how to have two videos playing at once, to do this you just drag the clip in time line above video you want it to play over

This section above has been zoomed in so I can explain one tiny thing I have learnt, I learnt how to fade out footage and fade in by using the little white balls I have circled and by placing two at the end of the footage and then 2 at the beginning of the next footage and this can be adjusted by moving them into place

The tool box I have boxed round, allows us to cut our work and razor different sections so our editing continuity flows without jumps and the narrative comes across

Page 18: Media Evaluation

•Facebook – this helped with audience feedback for our short film

We created a group on facebook which I had never done before, once we have created this we can upload our own profile photo (in this case our film name and font) also to create a discussion board which is just like posting a comment on the page, this allows the audience to leave comments and feedback.

Also there is a section that says videos and this is where we were able to upload our video.

Page 19: Media Evaluation

•Slideshare.net – this site was used to upload files and share files with the rest of my group, from this website we then were able to transfer the files onto our blogs using the word press code.

This is the website where I was able to base my blog, there can upload all my files which myself and group members have worked on, also on word press I was able to create a blog header which I have used on the first slide of my evaluation, I created this using Photoshop.

Page 20: Media Evaluation

Here is some work I uploaded onto my blog, it shows screen shots of how I created the clock on Photoshop and how i learnt to do it

Page 21: Media Evaluation

Here is some more work showing the process of editing the photos into a sepia colour, it shows what I learnt and how i done it and this work is also on my blog