Magnetic reversals q's for station #6

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<p>Magnetic Reversals: Back to the future</p> <p>Magnetic Reversals: Back to the future?1. T or F: The Earths magnetic field stays the same always.</p> <p>2. How long have people known the Magnetic field changes? ________________________________________________________________</p> <p>3. How can we track the magnetic field changes in the past?</p> <p>________________________________________________________________</p> <p>5. What is going to happen to the North pole in future?</p> <p>________________________________________________________________</p> <p>6. Where was the North Pole 800,000 years ago?</p> <p>________________________________________________________________</p> <p>7. T or F: The Earths magnetic field has flipped often in the past.</p> <p>8. How long does each reversal of the magnetic field last now?</p> <p>________________________________________________________________</p> <p>9. How long has our current North Pole been the North Pole?________________________________________________________________</p> <p>10. What causes the North and South Poles?</p> <p>________________________________________________________________</p> <p>11. T or F: Our Magnetic field is getting stronger right now.</p> <p>12. T or F: Well all die if the magnetic field flips.</p> <p>13. Explain two pieces of evidence that support your answer for number 12.</p>