Looking at Class Through the Looking Glass

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Here are the slides from my NCTM St. Louis presentation in 2011, Looking at Class Through the Looking Glass, which explores how we can use instructional video to mirror lectures in mathematical classrooms. Unfortunately, I do not have an accompanying report for this talk, and the slides don't stand alone well. This talk is similar to previous talks, though - I Capture the Classroom, Making Math Move, and Teaching with the Tube - for which I have either video or accompanying reports on my website, www.apsu.edu/smythe/presentations.htm.


<ul><li> 1. What Does Video Have? 1) Any5me access 2) Pause, fast forward and rewind, and 3) Watch over and over again. 2007</li></ul> <p> 2. The Video Dierence vRedesigned online stats using video vImproved Engagement Reten5on Learning vHere is what students are saying 3. It is as if we are in the classroom, except we can be in our jammies like that girl on TV! 2008 4. "I can actually watch these videos on my iPhone when I am taking a break at work." 5. I dont miss a beat, and if I do, I can just rewind or pause to work a problem. 2008 6. Love these videos and wish all online classes would have this. 2008 7. There arent words to describe my happiness with having these videos to accompany the text. 2008 8. What could video do for the classroom? 9. Video in the Classroom a) Something exci5ng b) Famous guest speakers c) Review outside class 10. Flipped Classroom 11. Flipping allows for: 1. Focus on problem solving 2. Peer-to-peer instruc5on 3. Immediate feedback 12. Before inven5ng the wheel 13. Khan Academy 14. Teacher Tube 15. iTunes U 16. Academic Earth 17. How do we create? 18. Webcams/Flips/Vid Cams 19. Smart Pens 20. SMART Boards Write Talk Draw Record $$$ 21. Mic 22. Free Alterna5ve to Camtasia 23. iMovie Video Edi5ng &amp; Producing No Screen Capturing Free with any Mac 24. Wacom USB Wacom No display Bamboo LCD Wacom Display Cin5q 25. Tablet Dell PC Tablet &amp; laptop Pen $$ Hinge for swiveling 26. Screen Chomp App 27. Camtasia Studio 28. Calculator and Tablet Videos 29. TI SmartView 30. YouTube Free Easy Ubiquitous 31. How do we create great videos? 32. Videos should 33. Tell a Story 34. What story will you tell? 35. What story will you tell? 36. Advice from YouTube Partner 37. Be a Timeless Classic 38. Maximize visual and audio content 39. Be Ubiquitous 40. Students watch videos that are 41. More video design 5ps? 42. Sources v Images from Aus5n Peays Public Rela5ons, Trey Ratclis Stuck in Customs, and all over the web v Videos from YouTube, used with permission v Resources at: www.apsu.edu/smythe/presenta5ons.htm youtube.com/user/ellensmyth </p>