Learning art of singing

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Kim Franca is a professional vocal coach based in Franklin, Tennessee (Greater Nashville Area) offering global vocal coaching, singing lessons, vocal training. Improve your vocal with Kim Franca vocal coach. She is also a Nashville-based singer/songwriter.

Text of Learning art of singing

  • 1. Make your dream come true by learning art of singing

2. It is a million dollar question that whether singers are born or can be created. Well, endless debates take place on this controversial question but there is no denial to the fact that singing can be learnt by synchronizing the help of modern technology, expert guidance, & constant practice. However, one cannot become a polished singer overnight, but at least it is possible to try for learning singing & also to achieve success in this endeavor. Singing is certainly a challenging practice as it requires sufficient knowledge related to the vocal chords, certain muscles of mouth that are used while singing, pitch modulation, etc. However, if you are blessed with a pleasing voice, you may try learning singing for sure. 3. How to begin with learning singing? Firm Determination: First, have an unwavering determination that you will learn singing no matter what obstacles come in your way. Determination is the first & foremost ingredient to achieve aim & success whether you desire to learn singing or any other art. Without determination, no one has ever succeeded 4. Practice daily: Once you are determined to go ahead with learning this beautiful art, allot a time for practice on daily basis. It is not important to fix a specific time for practice but ensure practicing singing at least once in a day at any convenient time. Without practice, it is difficult to proceed in learning the art singing. 5. Hire professional trainer: Next step is to look for a genuine trainer. You may begin practicing singing by yourself but if you hire a professional trainer, you will make rapid progress. In addition, you will be able to correct mistakes during initial stage itself. 6. Try breathing exercises: Breathing exercises are of course useful for ensuring sound physical, mental, & emotional health. But do you know that such exercises may also contribute in learning the art of singing? If you dont have inkling about it, do believe on this fact & begin practicing different types of breathing exercises. 7. Sign-up for a singing E-course: Fortunately, it is an era of advanced technology then why not to make the best use of the same. You may enroll yourself for e-course of singing. In this course, you will receive step-by-step guidance related to the singing art. You will also be able to gain access on practical lessons that will help you to steer towards a right direction. 8. Seek help of a book: There are available several wonderful books that offer comprehensive guide related to the singing. With the help of such books, you may ensure practicing singing in a more effective manner. These books are suitable for singers of all age & of all levels. It also offer step-by-step guide related to learning an art of singing. You are certainly going to gain valuable knowledge through the help of such books. 9. To sum up, even professional singers do require constant practice in order to maintain their voice so practice is the most important ingredient in the context of learning the art of singing. Though it is no rocket-science but it requires constant practice, firm determination & guidance of a professional expert. 10. Kim Franca 336 Lakemont Circle Franklin, TN, USA 37067 kim@kimfranca.com http://www.kimfranca.com/