Latvian Fairy-tales

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  • 1. Latvian fairy-tales ISMA Premjers 8 Form Anna Lastovska RIGA, 2014

2. Latvia is famous for various interesting fairy-tales. The most popular are called: Sprdtis Kurbads Maija un Paija Tales about flowers 3. Latvian writer, Anna Sakse, wrote a lot of interesting tales about flowers. The most popular is Hyacinth. 4. Once upon a time there lived two friends on the Earth. They were like brothers. Their names were Apollon and Hyacinth. The friends loved peace and nature. Once they stayed near the coast of the river. 5. They swam, caught blue dragonflies, threw a disc, but they were too noisy and a beautiful nymph appeared from the river. 6. From the first minute Apollon and Hyacinth fell in love with the nymph named Daphne. The nymph said that she would love the one who could throw the disc farther. Apollons hand trembled and two shots were bad, but Hyacinth threw the disc very well. 7. Aggressive Apollon threw the disc at Hyacinths head. Hyacinth fell over and emerged into eternal sleep. 8. Daphne and her friends came out of the river at night. They lit white, red, blue, pink and yellow candles and put them all over the place. 9. Those candles were burning like flowers in blossom and eventually turned into them the beautiful flowers of hyacinths. 10. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!