Kingston Frontenacs - Chalk about it Flash Mob

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The students of Advertising - IMC performed a Flash Mob! Using only digital channels, see how successful we were and how me measured it!

Text of Kingston Frontenacs - Chalk about it Flash Mob

  • 1. Kingston Frontenacs Flash Mob Analysis #ChalkaboutitTrevor Nugent

2. Channel Analysis InstagramPinterest FoursqaureYouTube SlideShare TwitterGoogle+ Facebook 3. Instagram 4. Instagram Channel10 Followers for the Chalkaboutit accountTried to integrate with Twitter via tweetsIssues using the handle @chalkaboutit created some problemsOnly one person could be signed into the account, creating issueswith uploading under the same nameUsed personal accounts to upload more photographsNeeded more time to build up a larger follower base 5. Pinterest 6. Pinterest Channel4 followers of the board, which was notenoughUsed the channel to post a board of teasersThe channel needed people to post morepictures to their person boards 7. 8. Channel8 Doodles under the hashtag #chalkaboutitNeeded more people to doodle, only 4 uniqueauthorsCould not add doodles to the Facebook page,they only appear on personal feedsThe channel best works in conjunction withothers 9. Foursqaure 10. Foursquare Channel6 Check-insIssues with users because the channel mayneed time to catch on with the generalpopulationGood for metrics and to see who was thereRecommended to use in conjunction withTwitter 11. YouTube 12. Youtube Channel185 Views on the post event video (actionshots) and 178 views on pre event video(introduction)May have been better to put more effort intothe pre event and release it a few weeks priorto the event 13. SlideShare 14. SlideShare Channel69 total SlideShare viewsUsed the SlideShare slides to summarizeactivity on all channelsIssues with loading pictures prevented somefrom being uploadedShould have tested WiFi connections prior toevent to ensure successful uploading 15. Twitter 16. Twitter ChannelInstead of Tweeting questions people asked inpersonUsed personal accounts and operated underthe hashtag #chalkaboutitTwitter was a valuable tool to communicateinformation quicklyShould have started a handle and hashtagearlier to generate followers 17. Facebook 18. Facebook Channel25 likes totalServed as a kind of content curatorLiked all accounts, linked maps and builtattentionBegan slow but started to show all channelsnear the end of the event 19. Google+ 20. Google+ Channel32 Guests, 1 confirmed going, 1 checked inUsed Google Hangout to visit each station, had one other join in thehangout, live stream hangout was recordedUsed personal accounts to update about the eventDid not use party mode with instant photo sharing on the event whichmay have helped add photosNeeded more people from outside the class, not a popular channelyet 21. Channels what was missing...FollowersCommunity InvolvementAdvertisingMixed methods of communication withfollowersIntegrated throughout all social channels 22. Unneeded ChannelsPinterest: Boards were not popular, while the photo sharing idea wasinteresting it could have been completed with Facebook The concept was good; however, there was not enoughawareness about the channel and its purposeGoogle+: The Hangout was good, but the event was needed as itcould easily be replace with the Facebook event which is morepopular with the demographicFoursqaure: There was simply not enough interest and awareness ofthe check-ins, also unlike many corporate check-ins there was noreward or incentive to check-inInstagram: The photo sharing function, like Pinterest, was a valid idea;however, the functions of this channel could have been completed ona Facebook event page 23. Cross MediaOptimization StrategyUsed a wide range of digital channels to tryand raise awareness, in order to increaseattendance, for the Frontenacs Flash MobUsage depended on how popular the channelwas 24. CMOST - ChannelIntegrationEach channel wasunique but centralchannels such asFacebook andSlideShare wereused to navigateusers through eachChannel used... 25. CMOST - ChannelIntegrationPart of thechallenge was toinvolve all thechannelspossible, and toalert people totheir use in theFlash Mob 26. CMOST - ChannelIntegrationSome Channelschose to usepersonalaccounts butother used aevent accountsuch aChalkaboutit onInstagram 27. CMOST SummaryWhat was used?What was not used?What should have been used?Some missed opportunities... 28. What was used?Several different digital channels were usedincluding; Twitter, Facebook, SlideShare,, Google+ and othersAdded content such as videos, photos andstatus updates 29. What was not used?Traditional media was not used at all duringthe Flash MobThere was no radio, out of home or televisionadverts, it was purely digital (aside from thechalk drawings) 30. What should have been used? Out of home signage and advertising could have been used to gain awareness Central accounts Channel integration Influencers like the Kingston Frontenacs 31. Some missed opportunitiesGet Frontenac players involved moreOffer on the spot prizesMore time to generate awareness, possiblycreate a better turn outTiming opportunities, an hour seems to long 32. DetailsMessaging: Attempted to communicate the time and details of theFlash MobTiming: Status updates and event information became availableseveral days before the Flash MobCommunity Building: Attempted to unite Frontenacs fans in Kingstonand create buzz about the brandEngagement: Attempted to use social media channels prior to theevent in order to engage interested parties and create a better turnoutRewards: Frontenac game tickets were offered as a reward to theperson with the best drawing 33. OPSTA - ROIObjectives: Create buzz about the Frontenacs brand, generate aturnout for the Flash MobPeople: Kingston citizens, Frontenac fansStrategy: Use various social media channels to attract attention to theeventTechnology: Various devices were used in order to upload pictures,video and host hangoutsAction: Create a flash mob which will have random people drawingFrontenac logos with chalk, in an attempt to create buzz and capturetop of mind awareness 34. OPSTA - ROIWhat is the best way to measure the return oninvestment for a Flash Mob event?There was no direct revenue generated fromthe event; However, sufficient branding andawareness occurred with the drawings andattentions from social media channelsLifetime value is the best metric available tomeasure the ROI from such an event 35. Lifetime valueFrontenac season tickets various for the agegroup...If one person purchased a single season ticketat regular seating than they would bespending $510 for the year... which issufficient for the amount spend on the FlashMob 36. Lifetime ValueAverage customer comes 2 times a month fora year... a single ticket is 10 dollars...The cost to do a campaign to replace such acustomer could be approximately 10 dollars...24 x 10 = 240 + 10 = 250Therefore the Lifetime value of a non-seasonticket holder would be $250 37. Cost Per PostThough the Flash Mob was free, we couldimagine if it was a paid event...$2500 for staff time / 250 Posts = $10 per postHowever, this event was free so there was nocost related to this 38. HitsInstagram: 10 FollowersPinterest: 4 Board 8 Drawings 4 DoodlersFoursqaure: 6 Check - insYouTube: Pre video - 178 views / Post video - 185 viewsTwitter: Personal Accounts used, Several retweetsGoogle+: 32 Guests, 1 confirmed going, 1 checked in, 1 HangoutjoinerSlideShare: 69 Viewers Facebook 39. ContentThere was a wide range of rich contentinvolved with the Flash Mob, including Photos, videos, text/status updates, doodles and slideshows 40. Content ExamplesVideo, usedas a sourceof teasersand posteventcontent 41. Content ExamplesUpdates/Textwere used asteasers and forupdating on theprogress of theevent 42. Content ExamplesPhotos wereadded asupdated contentduring the event,in effort to attractpeople 43. Content ExamplesSlide shows wereused to as around up of all theevents andchannels involvedwith the FlashMob 44. Content ExamplesDoodles wereused to engagepeople whocould not bearound to drawtheir chalkdrawings 45. Successes and Learnings...There was no real interest from the community outside of IMCstudents that were engaged on social media channels...The event was not very successful considering the objective was toget Kingston citizens involved...However; we did learn several points: Channels need more time to build followings Channels must fit with the demographics interests Avoid using useless channels for novelty purposes Participation can be encouraged pre event with interesting incentives