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Text of Kaden

  • 1. My Book About Colonial Life in New England By: Kaden Weddle

2. My Name is Abraham Mickson

  • My name is Abraham. My family and I came here from France. I am 11 years old with brown hair and brown eyes .

3. My Family

  • My family includes two one year old baby sisters and a three year old brother . Their names are Joslin , Jamie, and Josiah. My moms name is Elizabeth and my Fathers name is John. We have a dog named Rufus .He has brown and gray fur and he is two years old.

4. Home Sweet Home

  • My family has a small log cabin. It s about 15 feet wide and 25 feet long. We have only one room with 4 beds and a fire place. Mother has a shack for cooking food. It has a pot for cleaning dishes and an oven for cooking food.

5. My Clothes

  • After I turned 6,I dressed like my father. I wear a black hat with white lining. I have a tan shirt and a brown vest. The buttons on my vest are silver and I wear white knee socks under my brown pants. My shoes are black withgold buckles.

6. My Fathers Work

  • My father, John, is a shipbuilder. He was a shipbuilder in England for 10 years. He has enjoyed shipbuilding since he was a boy. Shipbuilding has been in our family for years. He works ten hours a day. My family and I dont see him until its time for bed. He goes to work at twelve p.m and gets home at ten p.m.

7. My Mothers Work

  • My mother has many jobs. She cooks, cleans, makes clothes, makes candles for home, and makes soap for our family. My mother is a wonderful mother and she is veryhardworking .

8. Chores

  • As an 11 year old colonistI have many chores. I chop wood, care for livestock, clean the barn, and make fences. As a colonist I will have to do this everyday.My family and I must provide for ourselves .

9. Games and Toys

  • My toys are simple but, they are addicting. My favorite toy is my cup and ball.It challenges me to get the ball in the cup the first time.My baby sisters have little baby dolls that each have brown hair.Josiah has a wheel that was made from a hollowed tree. He has a tiny stick that makes the wheel roll. Josiah likes playing with it.

10. Foods and Snacks

  • My family and I eat many foods including pork and chicken. We eat apples and berries along with many other fruits and vegetables. We received many foods from the Indians, including corn and succotash. My afternoon snack is a piece of bread and an apple .

11. School

  • I go to school in a one room schoolhouse. My teacher Mrs. Hutchins equips our class with a hornbook and a quill . She gives us two pieces of paper a day. Mrs. Hutchins is a very nice teacher and she is a friend to my family. There are thirty-two students in our whole school. Our school is in the middle of a meadow with waving grass.

12. Misbehaving

  • When someone in my family misbehaves mother and father give us twice the chores we usually have. Sometimes when we do something really bad father wouldget a switch and switch us with it. Extra chores usually means that we are up most of the night trying to finish them.

13. Sickness

  • When someone gets sick in our colony, we treat them with many herbs includingwillow, boneset, horsemint, and mullein. These herbswere used for fever, relieving cough, and body pains. When someone got sick we had a separate shack for the ill. Its a big shack because people in our colony get sick very often. After that, they get treated with the various mixtures of herbs. When they have recovered, they get one day off from chores.

14. Church

  • In the colony we have onechurch . Unfortunately the church is very small and we dont have enough pews for everyone. Someday, our city councilplans to restore the old church so we can learn about God properly.My family and I go to church everySunday and Father is the pastor for the church .

15. Laws

  • In our colony we have two laws. Never smuggle any kind of weapons from outside colonies, and never hunt in other colonies land. When someone broke a law, they would sit on a dunking stool. When you sat on a dunking stool you were dunked underwater until you couldnt breathe. Sometimes people died while being punished. In our colony we are very strict and when you break a law you have to face punishment.

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