Just Think About This - 9 Thinking Modalities to Consider

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Just Think About This: 9 Thinking Modalities to Consider

What About This: 9 Thinking ModalitiesCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved1


9 Thinking ModalitiesCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved2Visionary forward looking with alternative futures,

Strategic - the generation and application of unique insights and opportunities intended to create a desired outcome,

Systems - holistic approach to analysis that focuses on the way constituent parts interrelate,work over time and within the context of largersystems,

Analytic or Critical - the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication,

Creative the method of consideringproblemsor situations from freshperspectiveswhich might suggest unorthodoxsolutions, Lateral out-of-the-box - solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious, reframing questions to elicit different approaches,

Structured - a process of putting a framework to an unstructured problem,

Conceptual - the ability to understand a situation or problem by identifying patterns or connections, and addressing key underlying issues, and

Visual or Spatial - the ability to visualize special patterns and mentally manipulate them over a time-ordered sequence of spatial transformations.


Visionary ThinkingComponentsEffective Visionary Thinking CreativeFuturisticProgressiveDirectionalTangibleBuild RapportDescribe FutureBuild ValueDevelop Tangible ConceptsCreate ExcitementOvercome ObstaclesSecure Agreement

Copyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved3


Strategic ThinkingCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved4

ComponentsEffective Strategic Thinking CreativeAnalyticalBenchmarksPerceptiveAdjust quicklyVOC input/researchUnorthodox/MaverickUse both sides of brain creative and analyticalClearly define objectivesDesign in flexibilityRecognize internal/external cluesSeek advice from othersPatientWait for itwait for it


Systems ThinkingCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved5ComponentsEffective Systems Thinking HolisticAction/ConsequencesSystem Components InterrelationshipsDiagramming for visual studySoftware/Diagrams showing relationships/interdependenciesViewing system as a set of componentsUnderstanding situation as part of a systemLeveraging others to define relationships

* http://www.thwink.org/sustain/glossary/SystemsThinking.htm


Critical or Analytical ThinkingCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved6ComponentsEffective Critical Thinking Reasoned judgementLogical Question Assumptions and ConclusionsContrarian viewpointsRecognize ambiguityClarify, articulate, justify positionBreakdown To ComponentsDetermine Root Cause(s)Recognize AssumptionsEvaluate ArgumentsDraw ConclusionsSupport Conclusions with data, facts, evidence


Creative ThinkingCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved7

ComponentsEffective Creative Thinking Relaxed, open, playful approachWild/crazy suggestionsDoodle/daydream with theory or suggestionsMake mistakesAttitude, self-confidence, talentMany right answersCould be emotional, risky, confusing, disordered, chaoticBrainstorm/Mind-map many ideasAsk same question 20 times, but give a different answerChange routine, take a different routeWhat if? QuestionsCreate new stimuli: music, scenery, room arrangement, stand vs. sitDaydream someone elses dream


Lateral ThinkingOut-of-the-boxCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved8

ComponentsEffective Lateral Thinking (6 hats) Challenge the obvious or preconceived assumptionsRandom entries to open new lines of thinkingProvocative statementsNeutral informationEmotions and hunchesJudge and evaluateOptimism and positive viewsIdeas and creativityBig picture


Structured ThinkingCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved9

ComponentsEffective Structured Thinking Turns problem into mini-projectDevelop overall scopeDecomposes problem into smallest componentsDevelop solution(s)Prototype solutionFine tune and scaleScope (bound problem)Diagram componentsWork and Complete componentsPrototype solutionFine tune/refineScale


Conceptual ThinkingCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved10

ComponentsEffective Conceptual Thinking AbstractionImpossible to ProbableTells a storyProbing Questions Why, not HowQuestion everythingBorrow heavily from other thinking modalitiesDefine the ImpossibleDevelop the storyAsk Why and Why NotUse lateral thinkingTell the story


Visual/Spatial ThinkingCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved11ComponentsEffective Visual Thinking Visual processingRecognize patternsPractice curiosityProbe beyond surface visuallyAsk Right Questions16 categories of questionsUseful for all thinking modalitiesVisualize end resultSee patterns from present to futureAsk questions (use 16 categories)


16 Categories of Questions*Identification QuestionsHindsight QuestionsPlanning QuestionsFact-finder QuestionsClarification QuestionsAssociation QuestionsSorting QuestionsSimplification QuestionsHierarchical QuestionsProbing QuestionsTransformer QuestionsCoaching QuestionsForesight QuestionsStrategic QuestionsSkeptical QuestionsLimiting Questions

Copyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved12* http://www.visualthinkingmagic.com/visual-thinking-questions


ConclusionCopyright The Project Professors, All Right Reserved13