Infographics miraculous way to get links for seo

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Infographics - Miraculous way to get links for SEO


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Infographics A miraculous way to get links for SEO Lets talk about infographic and see how it works in SEO Twitter Hash tag for Todays webinar : #blwebinar</p> <p>Hosted By Monish VoraSearch Marketing Expert Hiren vaghelaSr. SEO Adviser</p> <p>Key PointsOverview of Infographics</p> <p>How to create Infographics?</p> <p>How Infographics are integrated with SEO?</p> <p>Distribution channels for Infographics</p> <p>Advantages of Infographics</p> <p>Q &amp; A</p> <p>*SO LET'S STARTAll About Infographics</p> <p>What is Infographics???In simple terms, it is information graphics which visually represents data, images, and information.</p> <p>It is a way to represent complex information in an easy way and make it more interesting. </p> <p>There are many things for which you can make an Infographic, namely defining a process, steps for a complex task or how-to-guides and many more. </p> <p>Upwards in Google Trends</p> <p>550,000 Global Search Per Month</p> <p>Which Image manages to make a mark??</p> <p>Process to create Infographics</p> <p>PrepareInitialize Content1st StepStart collecting your data!</p> <p>Initialize Content</p> <p>Identify your AudienceMake it2nd StepIdentify your niche Audience</p> <p>Identify your Audience</p> <p>3rd StepShape your dataProduceContent + Design = Your Infographic is ready</p> <p>Lets see how you shape the Data into Infographics</p> <p>Phase 1</p> <p>Phase 2</p> <p>Phase 3</p> <p>How you integrate Infographics with SEO </p> <p>Number of ways to Promote</p> <p>Guest PostWrite a content related to your Infographics and you could have both supplementing each other.</p> <p>Normally people love to share this kind of stuff. </p> <p>You will get the bunch of natural traffic.This is one of the best ways to earn content based links!</p> <p>Infographics Submission Sites following websites accept Infographics*Note: Paid &amp; non Paid site included</p> <p>Create Embed CodeGet Unique incoming links which are Natural Embed Code:</p> <p>Images are better then words. People easily understand anything with when explained with images.</p> <p>Why an Infographic?Explain Current State of AffairsCompare A to BEvolution of a trend or ideaSimplify complex data</p> <p>Distribution Channels</p> <p>Advantage of InfographicsTrafficLinksSharesLeadsROI+1sBenefits</p> <p>We have recently launched Ask An SEO Expert Service.Our SEO experts are available to answer your SEO related queries. </p> <p>Submit your query to the page below. </p> <p></p> <p>We will evaluate your question and revert back as soon as possible. Good questions will be shared through our Video Series.</p> <p>We have Recently Featured on Moz, SEJ and Marketing Pilgrim many moreWe Featured On</p> <p>Join usTwitter : Follow us!/blurbpoint</p> <p>Facebook : Like us</p> <p>Learn more from our Blog:</p> <p>Pinterest : Pin us</p> <p>Thank you We Value Your Trust and look Forward To a Long-term Relationship.</p> <p>Any questions ???Raise your hands.</p>