Helping ESL Students Prepare for STAAR

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  • Helping ESL Students Prepare For STAAR

  • What Is STAAR?

    The State of Texas Assessments of Academic

    Readiness ( STAAR ) is a replacement for Texas

    Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), it is an assessment program for students in grades

    3 to 8.

  • ESL Students & STAAR

    1 in 6 students is an ESL

    ESL students have a tough time with passing rates, as the latest results reveal they are 26.2 percent behind non-ESL students.

  • Issues ESL Students Face In STAAR

    Very Few tutors

    The ratio of ESL students to language teachers does not favor the students

    Language barrier

    Students have a tough time understanding the question asked

    Cultural differences

    Questions are based on situations which are common to American culture but might be alien to an ESL


  • Lingo Jingo & STAAR Preparation

    Lingo Jingo has lessons in explained in Spanish

    All the lessons are based on common core so ESL students can correlate to them better in class

    Special lessons to help them understand life in the USA

    Teachers can freely contribute to the lessons and assign them to their students

  • Teachers And Students Can Work Together To Score Well At STAAR

    With The Help Of Lingo Jingo

    Explore Lingo Jingo here: 1

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