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  • 1. Technology Tools Overview Deborah Healey, dhealey@uoregon.eduUniversity of Oregon, American English Institutehttps://sites.google.com/site/techtoolsforbusyelteachers/ http://www.deborahhealey.com

2. Your tool collection? 3. Agenda Beliefs about teaching, learning, andtechnology Resources Planning tools Teaching/learning tools Assessment and feedback Motivators 4. Starting us offWhat are your beliefs about teaching andlearning?Thumbs up/thumbs down The Internet is a greatresource for English languagematerial. Students always do exactly whatteachers want them to do. Teachers always make the right choicesabout online material. 5. Thumbs up/down Teachers need to create a goodenvironment for learning. Technology is a distraction in theclassroom. Students would rather talk to otherstudents than to their teacher. Teachers always have lots of time. Students are experts in learning withtechnology. 6. Beliefs => use 7. Planning toolsLesson plans and articles:iteslj.org lp art techList of topics:eleaston.comOrganizing your links:www.delicious.com 8. ITESLJ Lesson Plans 9. Internet TESL Journal 10. EL EastonEL Easton www.eleaston.com More links than you could ever imagine Business English sample page For language learners? NO! 11. EL Easton 12. Delicious.com Organize and find your web linksFrom any computer Tap into what others have found andsaved Social bookmarking 13. Delicious Sample 14. Controlled materialwww.breakingnewsenglish.comsample search Ready-made activities for use in class or outside of class Everest mp3 Easier: Football sample mp3Special English:www.voanews.com/specialenglishadvice ... 15. Authentic materialSources of academic texts:www.deborahhealey.com/digitallibraries.htm DOAJ: www.doaj.org/ ol Openj-Gate: www.openj-gate.com/ (notnow)Literature why digital? Project Gutenberg: www.gutenberg.org homeaudio popular 16. ConcepTestWhen learners use a website, the teacher should do which of the following:a) Give them the web address and tell them to try it.b) Give them a list of suggested activities and have them choose one.c) Assign a specific task related to information on the website as homework. 17. Online teacher toolsreadabilitywww.twurdy.com ol critical thinkingauthoringwww.lessonwriter.com ol TIBSamplevisual vocabularywww.visuwords.com screencast 18. Register to create lessons Add a text; choose vocabulary,grammar points, pronunciation from thetext Its a machine- read carefully to be suregrammar and vocabulary are correct Add graphic organizers, comprehensionquestions Save or print 19. Assessment Rubrics withrubistar.4teachers.org sample1 sample2-revised Surveys with Google Formsdocs.google.com => Forms 20. Feedback and sharing Word tools sample - video Insert Comments Track Changes Compare documents Sharing with Google Docs:docs.google.com Simultaneous editing from different locations Screencasting: ScreenR, Jing,Screencast-o-Matic Sample writing conference 21. Motivation to learn What motivates people to learn? What motivates students to learn? Your ideas... 22. Authentic audience Tandem learning www.slf.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/etandem/etindexol Projects to join http://www.iearn.org/ olwww.thinkquest.org/en/projects/ ol 23. Authentic audience Blog individual or class:www.blogger.com Web page (wiki): http://sites.google.comol Student Forums at Daves ESL Cafhttp://forums.eslcafe.com/student/ ol TakingITGlobal student awarenessand cultural forums: www.tigweb.org/ol 24. Class discussion Focus on writing Any topic chosen by the teacher orthe class Plan ahead Have students work in groups Use as homework due in a week Inverted classroom ... 25. Class discussion Nicenet: www.nicenet.org Yahoo group: groups.yahoo.com Google group: groups.google.com Facebook - create a class Facebookpage: www.facebook.com/ Inverted class 26. Time to reflectBest use of technology in YOURclassroom? 27. Overall.. How much time could you save withgood tools? How much motivation could studentsgain? 28. QuickWrite Take 2 minutes and write down threethings that You learned and You will share with someone else Write another two things that You will try to use 29. Its not so much the program,more what you do with it (Jones, 1986) 30. Thanks!Deborah Healeydhealey@uoregon.eduwww.deborahhealey.comhttps://sites.google.com/site/techtoolsforbusyelteachers/