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HAPPY HOLIDAY GREETINGS From my heart to yours

Happy holiday greetings

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  • 1. Happy Holiday Greetings
    From my heart to yours

2. 2010.....What a CRAZY RIDE
3. January brought about some big changes!
Turned 26
Quit my job at Newark Wayne Community Hospital in Rochester, New York
Sold my car, ditched my phone
Flew across the globe to Mthatha, South Africa to volunteer in an orthopedic hospital for three months
Didnt look back!
4. South Africa is for Dreamers
5. Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape, SA
6. South African countryside
7. Little drummers
8. I did physical therapy volunteer work at Bedford Hospital
9. I worked closely with spinal injury patients
10. The experience changed my life
11. You can read up on my adventures at:
12. After Africa, time for more fun
13. I packed up my brand new car with all of my possessions
14. SEATTLE, was the destination
But I took my time getting there
15. Badlands, South Dakota
16. Mount Rushmore
17. Beautiful Idaho
18. Eastern Washington
19. And finally, SEATTLE
20. It was a great summerFULL of ADVENTURE
21. I wanted to do it ALL!!
22. And I certainly did a lot!
23. Life is happy here
24. For work, Im a contract physical therapist
I stay at places for short times, and then move on....building the resume, and gaining valuable experience...I love my job
25. I have been blessed to meet some outstanding people
26. 27. And see some pretty beautiful things
28. I even got to meet somebody pretty special (yeah, hes a keeper)...Im a lucky girl
29. There is so much to be thankful for
30. And the adventure is really only just beginning
31. Who knows whats next?
33. So, wherever you are in the world.....
34. Weather I see you every day...or hardly at all
35. Remember, that I love you.
36. Life is too short to be anything BUT happy!!!
37. Warmest wishes for a Happy Christmas
38. And a 2011 filled with everything you truly deserve
39. Many Blessings, and Please KEEP IN TOUCH!!!
40. LoVe......