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Viral & Guerilla Marketing Jake Aull GSU Fall 2011

Gsu viral marketing

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Page 1: Gsu viral marketing

Viral & Guerilla Marketing

Jake Aull GSU Fall 2011

Page 2: Gsu viral marketing

Viral marketing

 Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper and Chocolate Rain video

 Blend it (blendtech case study from Groundswell)

 Old Spice


Page 3: Gsu viral marketing

Viral marketing

 Kia hamsters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miC1VZ9UVCQ

 Bleeds over into event marketing

 Honda Musical Road project  Airlines (United vs. Southeastern)  YouTube as search engine

Page 4: Gsu viral marketing

Viral marketing

 The emoticon http://mashable.com/2011/09/20/emoticon-history/

 Hotmail  W.O.M.   Years of case studies

  (Honda Musical Road?)

 Viral mktg?  Or viral video mktg today?

Page 5: Gsu viral marketing

Domino’s case study

  Domino’s YouTube page

  Ad campaign

  Social Media integrations

  All depts/staff on board

Page 6: Gsu viral marketing

What’s with babies?

  Dancing baby

  First viral video

  The landlord

  One of few viral success videos from “Hollywood”

  Smoking baby

  Worldwide viral attention

  Indonesia government embarrassed

  sent baby to rehab

  Other Indonesian smoking baby videos


  Duration of ad campaign

Page 7: Gsu viral marketing

The Viral Lexicon

  You’ve been “Rickrolled”

 Macy’s Thanksgiving parade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL-hNMJvcyI

  Keyboard cat


Page 8: Gsu viral marketing

Small-Screen Devotions to the Viral phenom


  Viral Video Film School

  50 Greatest Viral Videos http://bit.ly/pMNUZJ



Page 9: Gsu viral marketing

Some Personal Favs

  Techno Viking

StarWars over San Fransisco

  I’m a bear. Put your head in my mouth

  The Boss and Dylan redo “Whip my hair”

Page 10: Gsu viral marketing

TV Ads as Entertainment

“Firebrand TV has been banked in an experiment to transform advertising into entertainment. …

The goal was to capitalize on the nascent trend of ads as entertainment, which intends to make commercials compelling enough that they are watched for fun rather than avoided, ignored or skipped.

The trend is also manifesting itself on Web sites like veryfunnyads.com, part of the TBS cable network…”


Page 11: Gsu viral marketing

Movies/Video Ads as Entertainment

•  Early 2000s video ads

•  BMW

•  U.S. Army

•  Product placement in film

•  E.T./Reeses Pieces

•  Matrix/Nokia

Page 12: Gsu viral marketing

YouTube/Videos as Documentation & PR


  The Arab Spring

  Other examples?

  Exit Through the Gift Shop

  Mr. Brainswash viral video

  Street art

  Cartoon Network publicity gone wrong

  But… publicity goal achieved?