Governance enabling a motivated teacher Inspiring teachers to inspire learners

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Text of Governance enabling a motivated teacher Inspiring teachers to inspire learners

Governance enabling a motivated teacher

Governance enabling a motivated teacher

Inspiring teachers to inspire learners

Winsome Gordon Ph.D; O.D. J.P.Chief Executive Officer, Jamaica Teaching Council, JamaicaDecember 2016

To what extent are education systems different?

Education has remained a socializing institution down the ages and across the world

Governance for Success

Motivated, Effective Teacher

InnovatesKeeps learningTries new technologiesCollaboratesLeads learner-centred classroomHas high levels of job satisfactionIs fair and approachable

How Does Jamaica Measure Up?Assuring that teachers are masters of their craft nurturing greatness

Entry level to the profession evolved to a first degreeOne year mentorship can be extended to two yearsStrategic needs assessment informed by student performanceInstituted Professional Development (P.D.)- 3 professional days per year63 Quality Education Circles(QECs) as communities of learningExpanding availability for on-line programmesPartnerships with providers for P.D. programmes

Teaching as a true profession teachers give leadershipNational Symposium on the Teaching professionStandards and appraisalCode of ethicsExcellence in the teaching professionCareer path for teachersAutonomous teachersEnsuring quality at beginning level - mentorship

Innovations by motivated and effective teachers

Simulates, recognizes and rewards excellence

Effective Guidance and Supervision- Collective AccountabilityTimely feedback in all contexts

Opportunities and Terms of Engagement (1)B. T.TeacherH.O.D.Gr. Co.Sr. T.Master T.Vice.PPrincipalIn school


Sr. Lect.H.O.DPrincipal

Jamaica Teaching Council

Out of schoolTeacher Training; Ministry of Education; Jamaica Teaching CouncilE.OS.E.OR. Dir.C.E.OCh. Ex. O.

National Education InspectorateCH.INSP.

Remuneration (2)

In government:Remuneration is based on qualification, on the job requirements and experienceTeachers get a refund of 50% of the cost for completing a degreeTeachers children who qualify for tertiary institutions get financial support

Jamaica Teaching Council Legislation -Public dialogue

Vision: Excellence, love, service and integrity Mission: To enable the teaching profession to continuously strive for excellence in raising aspirations and achievements that lead to beneficial educational outcomes for all learners)Mandate:Regulate the teaching professionProvide and oversee professional development proactive and predictive (e.g boys education; use of technology)Advocate for the profession and recognize and awards excellenceMaintain a Teacher Management Information System(TMIS)

What the Future Holds Opportunities and challengesChallenges going forwardImproved two-way communication channels with the teaching profession efficient ICT and TMISPromote ongoing research and academic scholarship among teachersContinued professionalization - Enabling and supporting autonomy for the teaching professionApproval of JTC legislationSupporting teachers to position themselves as part of socio-economic advancement

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