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Google Glass- Introduction Design Features Working Pros & Cons Medical Application

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  • 1. Bharati Vidyapeeths College of Engineering Presentation By:- Lalit Kumar 08711503010 ICE 7th Sem BVCOE

2. Introduction Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head- mounted display (OHMD) that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass Research and Development Program. Google Glass displays information in a Smartphone-like hands-free format, that can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands. You say 'ok glass' to get a range of options including taking pictures, videos, send message etc. 3. GoogleX is the Research And Development Lab. Glass is being developed by GoogleX Lab, which has worked on other futuristic technologies such as Driverless Car. Project Glass is a part of GoogleX lab and is being lead by Babak Parviz, an electrical engineer. 4. Technologies Used: Augmented Reality Wearable Computing Smart Clothing Eye Tap Technology 4G Technology Ambient Intelligence Operating System - Android 5. 1. Augmented reality Augmented reality is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified by a computer. 6. 2. Wearable Computing Worn by the bearer under, with or on top of clothing. Developed for general or special purpose information technologies and media development 7. It is a combination of new fabric technology and digital technology. The clothing is made with new signal-transfer fabric technology installed with digital devices. 3. Smart Clothing 8. 4. Eye Tap Technology Eye Tap is a device that is worn in front of the eye that acts as a camera to record the scene available to the eye as well as a display to superimpose a computer-generated imagery on the original scene available to the eye. 9. 4G is the fourth generation of cell phone mobile communications. 4G Technology is basically the extension in the 3G technology with more bandwidth and services offers in the 3G. This system provides higher data rates of 100 Mbps in mobility to 1 Gbps while stationary. 5. 4G Technology 10. Electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. Devices work in concert to support people in carrying out their everyday life activities carrying out their everyday life activities, tasks and rituals in easy, natural way using information and intelligence that is hidden in the network connecting these devices. 6. Ambient Intelligence 11. Design: It features a video display that is used to display the pop up hands free information. It has the front facing video camera with which photos and videos can be taken in glimpse. A touchpad is located on the side, allowing users to control the device A microphone can take the voice commands from the user. 12. Technical specifications Android 4.0.4 and higher 640360 display 5-megapixel camera, capable of 720p video recording Wi-Fi 802.11b/g Bluetooth 16GB storage (12 GB available) 682MB RAM Ambient light sensing and proximity sensor Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 SoC 1.2Ghz Dual(ARMv7) For the developer Explorer units: 13. What can Google Glass do? 14. 01 Start tap To start using Google Glass, you tap the frame of the glasses and youre taken to the home screen. Youll see just a simple overlay box that carries any information. To issue a command, you tap the frame again and say OK Glass. 15. You can take the pictures by just giving voice commands to the glass!! 02 Take a picture 16. Same goes with video. With Google Glass, you can record what you see without moving a finger. 03 Record video 17. You can share pictures ,videos instantly on facebook ,instagram etc. 04 Share what you see 18. Lost? No problem, you have your very own super GPS navigating device to guide you along in the right direction. 05 Find your way 19. Google Glass will able to read and translate any text you see 06 Translate 20. Google Glass is aware of where you are and what youre looking at, at all times. They can anticipate your needs and flash up information thats going to be relevant to you. 07 Your info butler 21. 08 Send Message Google Glass will show you text messages you receive and allow you to reply to them via voice commands. 22. How Google Glass could revolutionize the medical industry 23. Google Glass is as futuristic a gadget weve seen in recent times. Its limited in scope right now, but the future, Google believes, is bright and the device itself is incredibly compelling. Future scope and Conclusion 24. Thank you 25. Any Queries?Any Queries?