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  • 1. OAP on a Skills Acquisition and Development Center Long-Termgoal Custom wisheser Skills Fulfilling the needs Facilitating Instructors Logistic of class sessions Glorious Skills Initiatives(gsi) Cost AnalysisAkeni Emmanuel .O Target custom ers Cash-flow Streams Media Channels

2. Long-termGoal Creating an environment where skills are appreciatedand developed with continued magnified importance inthe Nigerian career industry and World at Large. 3. Custom Wer ishes The need to settle into a career that they havepassion for and are willing to make it a careerpursuit. Every craft skill needs a HOST with thePASSION for it. 4. Skills and Crafts hair Dressing/Styling/Braiding leather Works fine art and graphic design design Crafts music school fashion design and dress-making wood and furniture making 5. FulfillingCustom Needs er REACH out for the Skills SOURCE for more Skills Create the NEED with a FEW persons to fulfill it Promote and broaden each Horizon Support it with a PRACTICAL successTESTIMONY 6. Facilitating Instructorsnumbe r o f instructo rs pe r faculty Hair Scho o l (1 )Le athe r wo rks(2)A wo rks and Graphics (1 )rt De sig n Craft (4)M usic Faculty (2)Fashio n De sig n & Dre ss making (2) Wo o d & Furniture making (1 ) 7. Logistic of training sessions Se ssio ns are in place to fit into e ve ryo ne s day ro utine= M rning se ssio ns {9 am-2pm} o== N o n se ssio ns {2pm-6 pm}o=== We e ke nd/Se ssio ns{8 am-2pm}= = = (1 )==== We e ke nd/Se ssio ns{2pm-7 pm}= = = (2) 8. Cost AnalysisCost Centres (One-off Expenditure) FacilitiesApartmentN800,000Hair Class N200,000LeatherN200,000ArtN400,000Design N200,000MusicN500,000Dress Making N300,000Wood & Furniture N100,000N2,700,000Learning Aids N150,000Facilitating Instructors (12x100,000) N1,200,000 per sessionLighting and ElectricityN400,000Advertising N400,000N4,850,000 9. Target MarketWho is the skill (Customer)?Young and TenderConvince a parent that there issomething useful about that child thatwouldnt need a life-long academicbased education, but still stand out asRugged and Wrongan achievement? Turning and point for people in the part of Not forcing a kid into a profession or a wrong career?skill acquisition What is it that the kid likes best? A contractual conclusion as to how aHabit or Passion can be over-hauledand be turned into an opportunity HowRelevant is that Bad habit: Observing whatthe society will use a bad habit forpositively 10. Cash Inflow Due to the probability of intakes and interests, a bid will first beplaced on advert mediums for a specific time interval, asking the target markets to VOTE THEIR SKILLS which expresses their Application for sessions. At the end of which the number ofapplicants will spell a reasonable consideration for the applicants which will then be communicated to them. 11. Next Steps of ActionAwareness mediums A tour would be used to give Facebook zonal advert the target market an idea into Leaflets and posterswhat this initiative entails, by Banners and signboardsmaking giving free trainingexhibitions in selected venues Radio and Television(Regionally) A website to support it all 12. Ge t o n B ard, HI a M RK and do n t be the Wo rld s o T AM issing Links!!!M the plane t e arth and He ave n frame an A m with ake ntheyo ur name in it.