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An introduction to Genius Hour for Grade 5/6 students


<ul><li> 1. 1.Ambiguity Im OK with a little confusion.And I know there is always more than one wayto do a job.2.Inquisitiveness I ask questions and wantanswers. I look up things that interest me. Ima lifelong learner.3.Generating Ideas (brainstorming) I am ableto quickly create a list of possibilities. I use myimagination.4.Originality of Ideas I can think outside thebox and I have a great imagination. I think ofideas that others never even thought of.</li></ul> <p> 2. 5.Flexibility/ Adaptability Like I gymnast, Ican bend easily any which way and not break,only with my mind!6.Self-Reflection I can look honestly atmyself and evaluate my work.7.Intrinsic Motivation I want to do it. I knowthe purpose for my work, and it pleases me.8.Risk Taking Im not afraid to try somethingdifficult for fear of failure.9.Expertise I am proud to know a lot aboutone or more subjects. I am an expert 3. Year of Genius Hour What Have I Learned? (Denise Krebs) The learners in my class of 2012 are geniuses.For over a year now, these students have had achance to shape the agenda of their learning, atleast part of the time. Because of genius hour,my students are learning to care again aboutlearning. They choose what they will learn basedon what they wonder about, what they are goodat, and what they are passionate about 4. Genius Hour is an amazing time. All the kids areexcited and this creates a buzz in the air! Somestudents are huddled around a laptop doingresearch on countries they are interested in,others are creating websites, PowerPoints andslideshows on an area of interest, and some areout in the hallway filming movies. Some arent using technology at all, but ratherare building and creating things with their hands.But no matter what they are working on, thecommon thread is that it is something they areinterested in and/or passionate about. 5. 1.What new idea do you want to develop? 2.What have you been wanting to try? 3.What skills can you master? 4.What tool can you use that will help youwork better? 5.What tool could help you create somethingbeautiful? 6.What tool could help you communicatebetter? 6. Dare to Care Creating, Contributing,Communicating, Connecting,CollaboratingBECREATIVE </p>