GCSE Film Studies - Editing

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EditingLearning Objective: To develop an understanding of the variety of editing techniques used within film.

EditingRefers to the way shots are joined together.


What type of genre may use fast paced editing and what type may use slow editing? Why do you think this?

Types of Editing Cut: the most common means of joining two shots; instantaneous change from one shot to another. Fade-out: gradually darkens the end of a shot to black.

Fade-in: beginning of a frame lightens the frame from black.

Types of EditingDissolve: briefly superimposes the end of a shot A and the beginning of shot B

Wipe: Shot A replaces Shot B by means of a boundary line line moving across the screen, wipes one image away while bringing about a new one.


IntercuttingShowing two events that are taking place in two different locations at the same time by alternating shots from each of the events.