Gaggle Integration with Gmail, Google Apps and Archiving

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Michigan Google Conference 2013 (Nathan Wiles) Looking for a safe and secure CIPPA compliant atmosphere for Google Apps? Come see Gaggle where filtering of inappropriate content and pornographic images is our passion. Well also show you our cloud based archiving solution for Google Apps. We can archive Gmail, Docs, Calendars, and Talk with complete data integrity! For more information, visit


  • 1. Gaggle Integration with Gmail, Google Apps and ArchivingPresented By Nathan Wiles

2. Gaggle 12 years of experience Over 15,000 schools and over 2.8 Million Students Solely focused on K-12 productivity, social learning and collaborative and communication tools Over 4 years experience in Filtering and archiving Google apps with over 150 Districts and over 100K students Highest Level of CIPA compliance available 3. There are tremendous benefits to using Google Apps Student/Staff Familiarity which leads to engagement Collaborative learning/new modes of inquiry Preparation for outside world 24/7 access Its free! 4. There are some disadvantages Administration is manual Limited ability to truly monitor Access controls are limited Difficulty in tracking version within Google docs Not specifically a K-12 solution Not as safe as one might have believed 5. But here is the Good News You can have all of the advantages of Google Apps and significantly reduce the disadvantages with Gaggles Integration 6. Advantages of Gaggle Integration The ability to easily monitor blocked content 7. Advantages of Gaggle integration True filtration of Images and URLS 8. Advantages of Gaggle Integration Filtration of Google docs, Calendar, and Talk 9. Advantages of Gaggle Integration Automatically create or deactivate accounts via Google API One year of email archiving included Human Monitoring Service included Flexible and Scalable Access control GI for Gmail is Erate Priority 1 eligible 10. Advantages of Gaggle Integration Live Customer Service is included 11. Archiving Can serve many purposes Legal Discovery Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) eDiscovery Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) email and electronic documents are covered under MI law Restoration of lost/deleted messages or documents including version history 12. Benefits of Gaggle archiving Google Apps Ability to archive docs, chat, and calendars User friendly, K-12 centric interface Ability to have multiple retention policies Special pricing for the archiving of students More cost effective than GMD/Vault/Postini Live customer support included via phone, live chat, and email 13. Benefits of Gaggle archiving Google Apps Full search capabilities with the ability to easily deliver information for FOIA requests in addition to e-discovery requirements Litigation holds Ability to allow each individual access to their own personal archive with tiered access levels Full access log and search logs Redundancy and Disaster Recovery 14. Thank you Demonstration of Archiving SolutionIf you would like to schedule a demonstration of our any of Gaggles solutions please stop by our booth or leave contact information with presenter.


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