Framework for EdTech

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  1. 1. Digital Channels in education TERESA SR KAROLINSKA INSTITUTET
  2. 2. Learning technology development Learning Objective: Reflect on the potential impact of new educational approaches and use of digital activities
  3. 3. How is technology used? Replacement Live broadcasting, Streaming, Email, Amplification WebEx, webcast, podcast, Audio response system Transformation Virtual Reality, Gamification, vConnection, Multiconference Hughes, Thomas & Scharber (2006) Assessing Technology Integration: The RAT Replacement, Amplification, and Transformation framework
  4. 4. One to One Aprentenship Clinical Education Coaching Mentoring One to Many Traditional lecture Bedside teaching Symposium One Expert Many to Many Peer learning Collaborative learning (TBL, CBL, PBL..) System design meets learning theory
  5. 5. One to One One to Many Clickers, audio response system Streaming video Recording lectures Online libraries MOOC Podcast Many to Many Add (learning) technology Social Media groups Twitter Webinars Google Drive Wiki (MOOC ) Hangout Mail Skype Comments on a document
  6. 6. Horizon report Key Trends Increse use of blended learning Shift to deeper learning approaches Redesigning Learning Space Advancing cultures of innovation Rethinking how institutions work Long-Term Mid-Term Short-Term
  7. 7. Do doctors use social media for professional development?