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Film Repertoire : Gangster Crime

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Film Repertoire : Gangster Crime

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Iconography : Gangster Crime

Props that have become extremely iconic within the Gangster crime film genre are :

• Bloody violence• Weapons ; guns , knives , knuckle busters - death/ murder• Cars • Drugs • Money• Chase ( police ) • Suits / Fedora / Tattoos

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Settings : Gangster Crime Gangster crime movies are usually set in industrialized settings such as the city where predominantly major businesses are situated :

• The in Large cities with high rising buildings.• Grimy alleyways / streets • Warehouses as head quarters or Offices • Sleazy night clubs or Bars • Police stations • Banks • Big house / Mansion

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Characters : Gangster Crime Gangster crime characters are usually people who have no moral compass but an objective to commit crimes which include murder or drug dealing, in order to become successful through gaining money which intern rewards them with the reputation of power as well as respect. Some of these Characters are :

• Mobsters• Drug dealers • Family Members• Police

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Narrative : Gangster Crime • Typical story structures within the film genre include :

• Some ones death by murder ? • A bank heist robbery • The heir to the family business• How will the police catch them ? • How will they get money ?• Raised within a poor background