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Feb Announcements

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Want to know what is happening at Young? Check out these February announcements.

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February Announcements



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Keep up the good work! Honor Roll Assembly on March. 4!

Keep up the good work! Honor Roll Assembly on March. 4!

Report Cards…Feb. 25th!

Page 5: Feb Announcements

When: February 10 2:45 pm.

Where: Mrs. Harris’ Room

Don’t miss it! Bring Teacher Tiger Book!

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Page 7: Feb Announcements

For Students!

Page 8: Feb Announcements

Be Cool…come

to school!

Be Cool…come

to school!

Page 9: Feb Announcements

Second Graders will be performing!

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Page 12: Feb Announcements

Pyramid of Success

Hard Work Friendship Loyalty Cooperation

Self-control Alertness Action Determination

Skill Team Spirit Enthusiasm Fitness

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Pyramid of SuccessBlock 12 TEAM SPIRIT


Tutor TeamTutor Team

Grade Level

Grade Level

Top Dog Club

Top Dog Club



Lunchroom Bunch

Lunchroom Bunch

Archery Team

Archery Team

Page 14: Feb Announcements

Block # 12 Team Spirit

Be Eager to Help

Your Team

Page 15: Feb Announcements

Block # 11 SkillPractice Makes


Page 16: Feb Announcements

6th Grade Science Fair Winners


Page 17: Feb Announcements

Thanks Mrs. French…

for Sponsoring the Science Fair!

Page 18: Feb Announcements

Who is going with me to IJUMP?

R. L. Young Students

Arcade Room

Go Carts!



Ice Cold Drinks

Tons of things to jump on…

Page 19: Feb Announcements

Thanks Mrs. Shirley…

for sponsoring the Spelling Bee!

Brittany Harvell and mom

Congrats to Jackson BoydRunner Up in Spelling Bee

County Spelling

Bee Champion

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the New


Page 21: Feb Announcements

Kindergarteners are WRITING and READING!

Payton wrote a song

and brought it to school

to share!


Page 22: Feb Announcements

A Wedding at R. L. Young

12:30 p.m.

All Kindergarteners


Page 23: Feb Announcements

Star Students Everywhere!

Sara Tipton

January 29th Winner

What does it take

to be a star student?

Page 24: Feb Announcements

Block 13 POISE

Just be yourself!

Page 25: Feb Announcements

February 24 K-3 10:30 a.m. 4-6 11:00 a.m.

Page 26: Feb Announcements

February 25 at R. L. Young

Bring your “Prince” to the dance

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Page 28: Feb Announcements

DEADLINE: Six Flags Reading Club

Page 29: Feb Announcements

In a World full of COPYCATS…

Be an original!

I like who I am….Why can’t these cats just be themselves