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An example project using Interactive Powerpoints to incorporate a English/Theater curriculum.

Text of Famous Playwrights

  • 1. Patrick MolinariQuit

2. Welcome Playwrights!(Click on an author to see his/her profile)Watch this Youtube podcast about the We have studied twelve well-life of William Shakespeare known playwrights throughout the year. Use this as a studyQuit guide for the upcoming exam. 3. Born: January 29th, 1860Nationality: RussianStyle/Themes: TragediesSome Well Known Plays:The Seagull (1896) Uncle Vanya (1900) Three Sisters (1901) The Cherry Orchard (1904) Quit 4. Born: May 19th, 1930Nationality: AmericanStyle/Themes: Political Writer, RaceSome well known plays:A Raisin in the Sun (1959) The Drinking Gourd (1960)Quit 5. Born: March 20, 1826Nationality: NorwegianStyle/Themes: Father of RealismSome well known plays:A Dolls House (1879) The Lady from the Sea (1888) Hedda Gabler (1890) Quit 6. Born: February 26th, 1564Nationality: EnglishStyle/Themes: Elizabethan TragedianSome well known plays:Tamburlaine (1587) The Jew of Malta (1589) The Massacre at Paris (1593)Quit 7. Born: October 17th, 1915Nationality: AmericanStyle/Themes: TragediesSome well known plays:All My Sons (1947) Death of a Salesman (1949) The Crucible (1953)Quit 8. Born: October 16, 1888Nationality: AmericanStyle/Themes: Realism/TragedySome well known plays:Desire Under the Elms (1925) Lazarus Laughed (1926) The Iceman Cometh (1939) Quit 9. Baptized: April 26, 1564Nationality: EnglishStyles/Themes: Ironic, Tragedy, Comedic, HistoricSome well known plays:Romeo and Juliet A Midsummer's Night Dream Hamlet (Exact Dates Unknown) Quit 10. Born: July 26, 1856Nationality: IrishStyles/Themes: Social Issues/Working ClassSome Well Known Plays:Pygmalion (1912) Heartbreak House (1919) Back to Methuselah (1921) Quit 11. Born: July 4th, 1927Nationality: AmericanStyles/Themes: ComedySome well known plays:The Odd Couple (1965) Sweet Charity (1966) The Sunshine Boys (1972)Quit 12. Born: 469 B.C.Nationality: AthenianStyle/Themes: Tragedies/Tragic Heroes/HermitiaSome well known plays:Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex Antigone (exact dates unknown)Quit 13. Born: October 16th, 1854Nationality: IrishStyle/Themes: Variety of PhilosophiesSome well known plays:A Woman of No Importance (1893) An Ideal Husband (1895) The Importance of Being Earnest (1895) Quit 14. Born: March 26, 1911Nationality: AmericanStyle/Themes: Working ClassSome well known plays:The Glass Menagerie (1944) A Streetcar Named Desire (1949) Cat on the Hot Tin Roof (1955) Quit 15. Name: Patrick MolinariSchool: Grand Valley State UniversityMajor: Secondary English EducationHometown: Spring Lake, MichiganAge: 20Future Aspirations: LawEmail: Pmolinari1989@gmail.comQuit 16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQoA6o7fhgc