Famous people of my country

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Famous people of my country


  • 1. Form 7 Unit 7Do you have an example to follow?Famous people of my country.: : .. 1

2. Peter the Great Peter the Great, the first Russianemperor. Peter is the founderof St. Petersburg.He was the most powerfulpolitician in the historyof Russia. 3. Alexander Suvorov The genius of the militaryart, unbeaten general. He gotmany foreign orders. He wasnever defeated. 4. Dmitriy Medvedev Dmitriy Medvedev- Russianstatesman and political figure,the third President of theRussianFederation. He is theyoungest president inthe history of the RussianFederation 5. Yuri Gagarin Yuri Gagarin, the firstperson in space. Heworked in the field ofspace and military AirForce 6. Lev Yashin An outstanding athlete, soccerplayer, goalkeeper, HonoredMaster of Sports. The bestgoalkeeper in the world! 7. Great people of my country: nameofrussia.ruWikipedia.org