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Factual Writing By Courtney Whittaker

Factual writting

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Factual Writing

Factual Writing By Courtney Whittaker


Subheadings are a clear way of separating information so that it is easier for the reader to quickly read through it. The subheading is a label of the key subject in the text so you know what the text is going to be about. The subheading is bigger and bold with different font and color to attract attention of the reader. The reader can quickly scan through the subheadings and get a brief overview of what the information is about and they can decide whether it is necessary to read the paragraph.The Information is factual and is divided by bullet points to help present clear and easy and easy to read material. Language used is direct and instructive used to help the reader understand the information.Blue calming colours are used to relax the reader about the topic as disease and illness is a frightening topic. Red and black colours are more harsh colours which could alarm the reader. Therefore thee colours would be a bad idea o use.Small pictures are used to help summarise what the text is about. It also helps the reader visualise what the text is describing so that the reader has a better understanding of it .Text is divided into boxes to separate each topic within hand foot and mouth disease. This is done to present clear and organised information. The target audience of the leaflet is aimed towards adults, parents in particular. As it addresses parents and instructs them to be aware of foot and mouth disease and how it can affect their child. The language used is not too complex as it is aimed towards all parents not to a specific social status. There is medical terminology used, which is explained so everyone can understand.This leaflet includes contact information, the date it is issued, and where the information has come from. This ensures validation that you know the information is factual. Pictures on the front cover relate to the title and content of the leaflet. The title is written in big and bold font. Therefore stands out among the rest of the leaflet, so that readers know what the leaflet will be about.


Leaflets Leaflets contain information or advertising and are usually distributed free.

The standard size of a leaflet is that of an A6 sheet. They are mostly printed in colours and include lots of graphics for a better visual appeal.

They can be circulated by either people handing them out to a specific audience. They can be found in newspapers and magazines, or can be located at information points, restaurants and popular attractions such as a theme park or farm.

Veganuary also dispatch leaflets for their audience, so that people can learn more about being vegan and so they can advertise Veganuary to people who have never heard of It.

The factual writing in this leaflet is biased as Veganuary aim is promoting veganism and persuading people to become vegan for a month.

Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals are mostly printed black and white as colour isn't necessary and its more cost efficient as most manuals have multiple pages.

A manual usually accompanies a technical device. Its function is to explain how to install or operate the device.

This manual is showing you the function of parts on a camera.

Most manuals have black and white illustrations or pictures to help visualise what you are being told to do. This camera is being labelled to illustrate what each button on the camera does. Therefore the reader can understand how to use the camera.

Instruction manuals are factual and dont have any need to be biased, they are not advertising their product. As usually the reader already has purchased the product.

Instruction Manuals

This part of the manual is explaining how you install the battery or card. As you can see from the highlighted sub heading.

This page in the instruction manual is written in steps; an easy to read structure for the reader to digest. Step by step is an organised structure which helps you to progress gradually from one stage to the next.

A picture with each step helps the reader to see what on the camera the instructions are asking you to operate.

Bullet points and short simple directions are used so to make it easier for the reader to understand and repeat.

Typography: The font Isn't fancy, its usually one or two fonts with the key words in either bold or italic. and the manual is not as visually appealing as a leaflet. Its sole purpose is to simply instruct you on how to function a product


How To GuidesA how to guide is a multiple page booklet containing helpful information to complete a task.

A how to guide coaches the reader how to use a product, this is done by providing examples and a step by step structure. It also gives the reader helpful tips and advice whilst completing the tasks.

For Dummies is a series of books which are intended to present non-intimidating guides for readers new to the various topics.

These guides have worldwide success and have editions sold in numerous languages.

How To Guides

The typography used in guides usually use basic font rather than anything fancy. Bold is used to highlight key words.

Pictures are labelled to help the reader visually understand what the text is instructing them.

Bullet points are used to keep the structure of the text organised and easy to read.

The information is not bias. A How To Guides purpose is by using factual information, tips and steps to teach the reader about the specific product.

This guide is not for advertising the product. The reader is most likely to have already have the product as a guide usually accompanies the product. Therefore it doesnt need to be visually appealing, or using bias statements to persuade the reader to buy the product. It is usually printed in black and white as it is more cost efficient.

Factual JournalismFactual journalism is the work and distribution of gathering information or news reports to informs society to at least some degree on what is happening around them . Without regular access to news, most people would be unaware of the various events taking place, both locally and around the world, which have an impact on their lives. Therefore newspapers are an important way of be connected to the rest of the word.The content of newspapers are news reports and adverts. Newspapers are supposed to contain factual information but sometimes the truth can be slightly manipulated. Different newspapers have different political opinions and different types of content. The Sunday Times is the largest-selling British national newspaper. This newspaper has a right wing orientation they support the conservative party and have more traditional views. They are about survival of the fittest, and they believe in economic freedom. Therefore the content is biased towards these opinions, and its audience have similar views.The typography used in this magazine has big bold font to make the headline stand out from the rest of the text. Bold text is used from pull quotes to highlight key information and their audiences interests. Consequently to draw readers in and therefore increase sales.