Exploring the promise of student personal learning networks

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This presentation focuses upon exploring/answering three primary questions: What is a student personal learning network? Why is it important? What are practical ways to implement aspects of a personal learning network into your classroom?


  • 1. Exploring the Promise of Student Personal Learning Networks Dr. Bernard Bull @bdean1000 www.etale.org May 5, 2014 - 3:00 PM 4:00 PM - Grand D
  • 2. What is a student personal learning network? Why should I promote student personal learning networks? How do I promote student personal learning networks?
  • 3. Why?
  • 4. University as Digital Citizen 1. Increase attention to academic honesty issues. 2. Equip to mitigate against academic cheating. 3. Add depth to the current discussion. 4. Challenge existing beliefs and myths. 5. Promote a design approach to academic honesty. 6. Experiment and play with the affordances of open learning.
  • 5. cheating stories cheat, confess & prevent cheating confessional limited enrollment of 500 / 1000 private threaded discussions public weekly content & live events collective cheating lexicon Twitter stream #cheatmooc 8 scheduled Google on Air time slots mix of myself, guest scholars, participants, & vendors recorded and shared via YouTube Q & A co-learner language buffet instead of prepared meal alignment of driving question, content, activities multiple paths to answering the driving question weekly driving question & objectives weekly suggested readings & resources weekly challenges, missions & events revisions and additions based on participant input earned for contributing to the community credly.com 100 or more contribution points in a week each badge represented a role for the week design plans to promote academic honesty some collective resources were public informal, conversational incorporated learner contributions events shaped by participant requests, comments, & interests Surprise badge for exemplary contributions 1 65432
  • 6. Networked Life & Learning Behaviorism Cognitivism Construstivism Connectivism http://www.connectivism.ca/ Why?
  • 7. Capable People The world is no place for the inflexible, the unprepared, and the ostrich with head in sand, and this applies to organizations as well as individuals. http://www.psy.gla.ac.uk/~steve/pr/Heutagogy.html Why?
  • 8. Why?
  • 9. Why?
  • 10. Where is the learner? Why?
  • 11. The Personal Learning Network (and why it matters for your students) A personal learning network is an informal learning network that consists of people a learner interacts with and derives knowledge from in a personal learning environment. from the learning network known as Wikipedia http://www.flickr.com/photos/cpoyatos/5292412247/sizes/o/in/photostream/ What?
  • 12. The Personal Teaching Network (and why it matters for you and your students) How to Build a Personal Teaching Network - http://wp.me/p2WRHF-q5 Infographic on the Personal Teaching Network - http://wp.me/p2WRHF-se
  • 13. Self-directed Learning ...the individual takes the initiative and the responsibility for what occurs. Individuals select, manage, and assess their own learning activities... http://selfdirectedlearning.com/ What?
  • 14. What?
  • 15. Your Personal Learning Network 1. The PLN Challenge http://etale.org/main/2013/10/30/join-the-pln-challenge-earn-a-rare-and-prized-badge/ How?
  • 16. 2. The Personal Learning Plan 1. What is the question that will drive my inquiry? 2. How will I pursue answers to this question? 3. How will I expand or leverage my personal learning network? 4. How will I document my journey? 5. What will be the culminating product or performance? 6. How will I monitor my progress? 7. What is my timeline? 8. With whom will I share my work? How?
  • 17. 3. Move beyond the Walls of the Online Classroom How?
  • 18. 4. The Collective Essay Google Docs The Collective Essay - http://etale.org/main/2013/01/07/the-online-collective-essay-reflections-on-day-2-of-moocmooc/ Get started with this Google Docs Tutorial :http://ansonalex.com/tutorials/google-docs-and-google-drive-video-tutorial-2013/ Cooperative Learning vs Digital Age Collaboration - http://wp.me/p2WRHF-aY How?
  • 19. 5. Assign Tasks That Cant Be Accomplished Alone or Only With Classmates The problem with much group work is that it does not require a group to achieve the goal. How?
  • 20. 6. Student-Designed Feedback Loops How? Self ComputerMentors Peers Teacher
  • 21. 7. Frequent Show and Tell How?
  • 22. Exploring the Promise of Student Personal Learning Networks Dr. Bernard Bull @bdean1000 www.etale.org