Exploring the inner reality of Daniels College of Business ethics training

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  1. 1. The east entrance to the University of Denvers DanielsCollege of Business (DCB).
  2. 2. A group of business students head to class on a snowyafternoon.
  3. 3. DCB students working hard inside one of the colleges studyrooms.
  4. 4. A group of DCB students gather together inside one ofthe colleges study rooms.
  5. 5. A team of management students attend a meetinginside one of DCBs board rooms.
  6. 6. A DU student, wearing a crimson jacket on the left,leads a trio of campus visitors on a tour of DCB, one ofDUs most attractive buildings.
  7. 7. Bruce Hutton, director of Ethics Integration at DCBexplains the purpose of DCBs ethical curriculum is toHelp students understand that being ethical is not amatter of just following a set of rules. Situations arevery complicated and we want to provide them with aframework within which to make the best decision.
  8. 8. Daniel Sweeney, director of the Institute for EnterpriseEthics at DCB offers context for the occurrence ofbusiness scandals: When theres a lot of pressure forperformance, theres stronger temptation to find acheap, quick way to yield fast results. The more thecompany is focused on short-term profits, the morethey will be tempted to take shortcuts, he explains.
  9. 9. Ethics Boot Camp co-leaders Professor Corey Ciocchettiand Lecturer Paula Holt chat with excited businessstudents after an activity. Ciocchetti, explains the goalof the two-day training is to create an atmosphere of abunch of people working together for the greater good,engaging in teamwork and service, and listening toleaders who are role models. And the ultimate hope isthat some of the ethical teaching rubs off.
  10. 10. Holt guides DCB students in a yoga-based activity that demonstrates thechallenge of maintaining integrity, compassion, courage, etc., in the businessfield. The increasing difficulty level of each pose correlates to a businessleaders mounting responsibility in the endeavor to exercise ethical practice.
  11. 11. DCB students listen carefully to instructions for the next activity while sportingteam shirts that display various ethical terms, such as honesty, integrity,compassion, grace and courage. These teams battle against each other duringthe boot camp in a show of friendly competition and teamwork development.
  12. 12. DCB students gear up for another challenging round of ethics yoga.
  13. 13. A determined DCB student illustrates the perseverance of compassion,her team category, by maintaining a difficult yoga pose.
  14. 14. A close team of DCB students huddle outside the business school,enjoying a sunny afternoon of Ethics Boot Camp.
  15. 15. A plaque inside DCB explains the schools academicmission and ethical vision. The latter of which was inspiredby cable entrepreneur Bill Daniels-the man who challengedDU to incorporate a strong ethical culture into its businessschool. Daniels matched DUs hard efforts with a donationof 11 million dollars and helped form one of the nationsmost ethical business schools.