Essential Apps for Online College Students

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A list highlighting must-have apps for students taking classes online.


  • 1. Essential Apps for Online College Students

2. Education Today Things are changing rapidly in the world of higher education. It seems that the time of collaborating on school projects via telephone, dull chat rooms, and limited conferencing software is coming to an end.Students are collaborating, learning, reading and testing on multiple needs,devices. giventhatOnline theirstudentshaveentirecollegeeven lifemoreuniqueexistsincyberspace. We couldnt help but share the most liked apps for online students. 3. Number 1 4. Wi-Fi Finder Available ForiOS Windows Android 5. Wi-Fi Finder When your go-to study spot is too crowded, this app can save you a ton of time & take down the frustration level. Heres why. Gives you a list of public wi-fi locations complete with addresses and phone numbers.Works offline.Looks for public wi-fi & maps the location in multiple ways.Yes, it is freeEnables you to call the location to make sure it offers free wi-fi. 6. Number 2 7. Skype Available For iOS Windows AndroidBlackberry 8. Skype Skype is a premier online calling technology that offers free or super cheap calls to other Skype users, landlines and cell phones around the world.Skype allows you to securely share files.You can share your screen with other users.You can do conference calls with up to 10 people (costs extra) 9. Number 3 10. Box Available For iOS Windows AndroidBlackberry 11. Box This free app allows you to store and share files and connect with your peers from any device. It comes with several key features, like:Multiple file uploaderInstant update notifications when someone makes changes to files.Ability to edit files online from any device.Grant or restrict access to select team members.Comment on files 12. Number 4 13. Power Planner Available For Windows 8 Phone Windows 8 14. Power Planner This is an inexpensive homework planner app is power packed with features that wont leave room for any excuses.Color codes your classesShows upcoming assignments and testsKeeps up with your class scheduleHelps you remember the times and locations of your classesGives you automatic homework remindersCreates a graph to show you your grade progress (or lack of it)Allows you to calculate your GPA 15. Number 5 16. Evernote Available For iOSWindows Android Blackberry 17. Evernote With Evernote you can take notes and access them from anywhere or share your thoughts with other members of your group when working on a project.Automatically associate your physical location with your notes and view your notes by location .Clip URLs or capture actual web pages and group pages together for easy access. Take notes, organize them into notebooks and search for them by date.Take voice notes and combine them with typed up notes or to-do lists.Share your notes and access them from multiple devices. 18. Number 6 19. Team Viewer Available ForiOS Windows Android 20. Team Viewer This is a great remote access app that allows you to access others screens to share screens, transfer files, and help with projects.Use this app is to help your technologically challenged online college peers.It is a great way for computer science majors to share screens and solve problems visually.A cool tool for graphic design or art students to show team members how to draw something or manipulate images in graphics programs.Use it to share a presentation you created in real time. 21. Number 7 22. Skitch Available For iOS Windows AndroidBlackberry 23. Skitch A product of Evernote, Skitch is a very handy app that allows you to:Annotate PDF files and images.Make quick sketches and drawings.Add notes to maps.Highlight things or insert colorful callout boxes.Easily share your skitches. 24. Number 8 25. Aww App Available ForiOS Android 26. Aww App Aww App (A Web Whiteboard) is an awesome whiteboard collaboration app.Draw or sketch anything: designs, ideas, notes.Invite friends to live whiteboard collaboration sessions.Save, share, post or distribute your final file. 27. Number 9 28. Google Drive Available ForiOS WindowsAndroid 29. Google Drive One of the most downloaded apps because of its trustworthiness, stability, versatility and generous allowance of space for you to safely store your files. Upload and store your files and access them from any deviceView the uploaded files offline.Share files with other students and view files they share with you.See collaborators editing files in real time.Add comments to files.Create, edit and annotate documents, presentations and spreadsheets.