Enhancing learning and teaching in FE - Kendal College

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BIS have funded JISC Advance to manage 32 projects throughout 2012-13 focussing on four key areas:Innovative uses of technology, Improving the learner experience, Improving efficiencies and Making better use of existing resources.This session looks at the progress two of the projects have made, and how to get involved in using the outputs. Jisc conference 2012


  • 1. Kendal CollegeCumbriaSmall but outstandingAugmented realityProspectus 2011/12Living LeARningProspectus 2012/13ProjectsLiT projectTeaching & LearningCPDJISC Advance PlumbingFurther opportunities? Commercial? Business and education?Dan Hodge and Carole Drury

2. Our app available on the Apple StoreOur branding 3. Developing materials for plumbing studentsTechnique we are using is pushing the boundaries of current mobile AR technologies to create an interactive learning experience 4. Using tumblr to create a project blogKC logoDans new thought processes. Discussions between the technical team and mentor are recorded here


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