Engaging students in teaching spaces

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Engaging student in teaching spaces presentation given at TELFest September 2014.


  • 1. Engaging students inteaching spacesChris Clow and Rene Meijer

2. An experiment!#telfesthttp://bit.ly/telfestVote!* The University of Sheffield 3. Profound learning happens forme when I...1. Listen2.Question3. Discuss4. Teach / explain5. Other* The University of Sheffield 4. Learning is ...an active processundertaken by the studentbecause of an intrinsic motivation* The University of Sheffield 5. 1.5xless likelyto fail!Freeman, S. et al., 2014.Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics.PNAS 111, 84108415. 6. What are our main challenges? Group sizes Classroom design Availability of technology Training / confidence Other?* The University of Sheffield 7. (Discussion of results)http://bit.ly/telfest* The University of Sheffield 8. Evaluation What helped you engage? What distracted (or bored) you? (How) will this inform your teaching?http://bit.ly/telfest 9. Get involved!http://bit.ly/ClassroomSurvey29 October 2pm, Mappin G03Spaces for Learningc.clow@sheffield.ac.ukr.meijer@sheffield.ac.uk* The University of Sheffield