End of school year

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  • 1. I NOTICED IT! At Yehud High-School 2014

2. Dedicated to Chava Keller 3. The Hallways 4. Seems the water is getting warm, not cold! 5. Sunny checker board 6. Let me in too! 7. A surprise on the landing. 8. The Yards 9. Even the tree is happy to see us! 10. This once was a marble bench in the front yard 11. Pink Floyds Wall Its in a school. Its pink. These plants certainly dont need no education on how to grow out of concrete! 12. On the way to the front parking lot 13. Tree Art 14. Pink Parking Permit needed 15. The Rear Parking Lot 16. Someone is redecorating 17. So, what happens if you throw toilet paper out of a top floor window? 18. Remembering Those Who Are No Longer With Us 19. The Tiniest Room in the School Gets a homey touch 20. TO BE CONTINUED Naomi Epstein