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Emilio Jacinto bio, works, and contributions.

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  • 1. Emilio Jacinto y Dizon

2. ...one of the greatest military genius during his time
Born:December 15, 1875
Birthplace:Trozo, Tondo, Manila.
Father: Mariano Jacinto
He was sent to live with his uncle, Don Jose Dizon.
3. Jacinto's early education was supported by his widowed mother who worked as a midwife.
University of Santo Tomas
(where he studied law)
*One of his favorite books was the one about the French Revolution
*He also has in his collection a book on how to make gunpowder and dynamite
Colegiode San Juan de Letran
Bachelorof Arts
4. At the age of 19,
he joined KATIPUNAN

  • served as Andres Bonifacio's secretary and fiscal 5. also supervised the manufacture of gunpowder 6. wrote for Kalayaan(Katipunan newspaper)

Dimasilaw- pen name
Pingkian-alias in the Katipunan.

  • KartilyangKatipunan- contains the rules and regulations of the movement 7. A La Patria which was inspired by Dr. Jose Rizal's Mi Ultimo Adios,

After Bonifacio's death, Jacinto pressed on the Katipunan's struggle. Like general Mariano lvarez he refused to join the forces of general Emilio Aguinaldo, the leader of the Katipunan'sMagdalo faction. He contracted malaria and died in Majayjay, Laguna, at the age of 24. His remains were later transferred to the Manila North Cemetery.