EFL, ICT & Arts: A tryad for global collaboration

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This presentation was shown at Share 2014, a congress for English teachers in Buenos Aires. It shows how to take part in the project Adobe Youth Voices as a way of raising students' awareness of social issues which are relevant to all youth around the world.


<ul><li> 1. By Lic. Silvana Carnicero August 2014</li></ul> <p> 2. http://collaborate.iearn.org 3. Project Description Objectives Make students reflect on social problems they are interested in Allow students to do their own research on the topics chosen Make students create messages to raise awareness ofthe social problems they have chosenAllow students to become content producers for other youth indifferent parts of the worldENGLISHICTARTS 4. Bullying atschoolAddictionsDangers inthe streetsEnvironmentaldamage AnimalsrightsTeenagepregnancy 5. The project in stepsVisual inputBrainstormingSloganResearchStoryboardProductionPeer feedbackSharing 6. A video on bullying 7. MethodologyConstructivismConnectivismProblem-solvingCollective intelligence 8. ICT UseSearch engines: to look for information relevant to the topicsOnline translators: to look up words they did not know in EnglishInteractive graphic organizers: to organize the information foundPower Point presentations: to present to their classmates the causesand consequences of the problems chosen and the possible solutions 9. Facebook: to have an online collaborative working space to negotiatecontent and organization for the video productionsMoviemaker and Adobe Premiere: to create and edit the videosproduced on the topics of their choiceYoutube: to make their productions public for an internationalaudienceBlog: to publish the final product and share them in the webaccompanied by explanations of the production process 10. ACTIVITIESTechnology allowed students tobuild knowledge based on theirown reality 11. Learningbeyond theclassroom walls Virtual classroom in:Closed group in: 12. Local and virtualcollaborationAs a result offace to face andonlinecollaboration,students createdsummaries andgraphicorganizers thatwere thestarting pointfor their finalproducts 13. Evidencias delAprendizajeStudents shared theirproductions globallyin the collaborativesite that gave birth tothem:Adobe Youth VoicesOnline CommunityStreet DangersLets care for our world Born for freedomSay no to addictionsProductions 14. An anecdote ofsuccessTwo students at our school were nvited to take part inAdobe Youth Summit for the work done in Adobe Youth Voices Project.There, they exchanged creative ideas with their global peers who werealso part of the project and made a joint production with students fromIndia and USA.Collaborative final product 15. EFL ICT ARTSMeaningful foreign language learning 16. Lic. Silvana Carnicerosilvanacar01@yahoo.com.ar </p>