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Dtc antimatter power generation

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  • 1. DVC TALENT CHOMPIONSHIP @13 Clean Power From Green PowerGroup members R. Bhattray, GET, TSC-IV (Team leader) Sunny Kumar, GET, CCD

2. Power infrastructure in India Present power demand in India -300 Gw (400 Gwinstalled capacity) However present installed capacity is only 200 Gw (130 Gw gen. capacity) Coal based thermal power contributes 62 % of total installed capacity 3. Do we need other sources of energy? Why? Pollution ? Power demand? At a present rate of consumption, coal in India isexpected to be last for 100 years only. We need another source of energy which is reliableand efficient 4. ANTIMATTER POWER GENERATION Give the Planet a chance A Patent application in the University of California 5. Overview. Its a new technology to produce Electricity almostfrom any matter (even water) based on concept of antimatter. No there is no use of coal or oil Generating capacityin the range 100Gw Low maintenance costas there is no rotating part inthe Generator. 6. Introduction to Antimatter According to Einstein.. E=mc2 If we convert 1Kg of water.E=1x(3x10^8)^2= 90,000,000,000,000,000 joules Can all this energy really be released? Has it ever been?Why? 7. What is antimatter.? Matter Antimatter Electron (e-) Positrons (e+) Proton (P+) Antiproton(p-) Neutron Anti-neutrons(pions): 0 charge opposite magnetic field Same mass Obey the same physical laws . 8. Production of antimatter The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) 9. Uses of antimatter.. Antimatter in Spacecraft. Power generation PET(Positron Emission Tomography) in hospital. Antimatter weapons.. 10. Power generation 11. Principle. Photons production by the stimulation of atoms With electric discharges Photons amplification by population inversion of excited atoms Particle-antiparticle production by the collision of photons Electron-positron avalanches within conducting materials Separation of electron-positron pairs by the crossing of strong electromagnetic Phenomena know as Electricity. 12. Physical Description Self reflecting chamber Cooling chamber-air/water.. Ferromagnetic core.. Ferromagnetic core leg.. Collecting chamber-copper/lead/steel Electric coil 13. Self reflecting chamber 14. Cylinder 2. Two end lids 3. Pair of electrodes Cylinder is electrically insulated..not to interfere with high voltage discharge needed for start. Internal surface is highly reflective Lasing mediumsolid/liquid/gas/plasma or any lasing medium 1. 15. Cooling Chamber An empty chamber Air/Water cooling To extract excess heat produces in self reflectivechamber 16. Ferromagnetic core High magnetic permeability High inductance.. Low inherent losses Ferro magnetic leg- laminated -no air gape or change of materials -Strong magnetic field of 2-10T 17. Collecting chamber Good conductor of electricity.copper/led/steel ..liquid/gas Dielectrically insulated Electric coil- Placed at each end of ferromagnetic legs. -Coils are star connected 3 phase A.C. connected to 1 set of coil which will produce rotating magnetic field. The ion pairs coming out of Self reflective chamber will be separated by rotating magnetic field in opposite directions. 18. The direction of charged particles changes in everyhalf cycle of A.C supply. Frequency of out put voltage-frequency of A.C supply Out put voltage and power very with rate of input of lasing medium. 19. Advantages and disadvantage No pollution.. Greater efficiency.. Capacity in GW No separate control needed like in thermal power plant for Boiler, turbine, generator Energy from antimatter could be so economical, that it will be cheaper to SAVE THE PLANET than to destroy it. 4.5 million dollars for equipment.. 270 million dollars for construction. 20. Thanks

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