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1. Shannon P. Dill*1 and Jennifer L. Rhodes2 1Extension Educator, AGNR, University of Maryland Extension, Talbot County, 28577 Marys Court Suite 1, Easton, MD, 21601.sdill@umd.edu 2Extension Educator, AGNR, University of Maryland Extension,Queen Annes County, 505 Railroad Avenue Suite 4, Centreville, MD, 21617. jrhodes@umd.eduThere are eight specific actions that participants are encouraged toIn 2010, through a Northeast take to manage information for critical decision making that will Center of Risk Managementenhance farm operations. End of class and follow up evaluations grant Annies Projectwere conducted for all 2010 participants. Results are summarized inexpanded to 9 sites inAnnies project is a national program designed to empowerthe following charts regarding actions taken. Maryland and Delawarefarmwomen to manage information systems used in criticaldecision making processes and to build local networks reaching 144 farm women andthroughout the state. The target audience is farmwomen with participating in 24 hours ofa passion for business and involvement in the farm operation.class timeThe focus is on the five areas of risk management Production, Market, Financial, Legal and Human Resources.In 2010, through a Northeast Center of Risk Managementgrant Annies Project expanded to 9 sites in Maryland andAnnies ProjectDelaware reaching 144 farm women and participating in 24Participants: 2010hours of class time. A follow-up survey was conducted 18months after the class in order to determine impacts and Average Age 49outcomes.The survey was anonymous and had a44% response rate. Participants were asked to complete ten Acres Owned17,314questions regarding actions they have taken or implementedsince they attended Annies Project. Responses included50% of the women checking their credit, 66% increasing use Acres Farmed 42,017of computers, 45% preparing financial statements and 57%writing an estate plan. Overall, 48% of the participants reportYears Farming1,657increasing farm profitability in the range of $2,278 to $3,832. Average Years 17.6 Farming 60% A medium-term outcome of Anniesproject is to help ensure theN = 99 50% 48% economic viability of farming 40% operations. Data obtained from theparticipants indicate that the program 30% is successful in this regard. The Overall, the follow-up evaluations point to the fact that the 20% Average Annies Project Participant program is successful in that women leave the program with the increases their farm profitability by: 10% skills and knowledge to take action. Quotes from the surveyLow Mid High support this statement:0% Learned more about QuickBooks and now we do our ownYesAVERAGE $2,278.11 $3,222.22 $3,832.56 quarterly statements instead of our CPA I am keeping better records, improved grain marketing and changed insurance policiesBen Beale, Christine Bergmark, Lisa Barge, Cheryl DeBerry, We have been able to sit down and begin planning our farmsLeslie Hart, Willie Lantz, Lynn Little, Ginger Myers, MariafuturePippidis, JoAnn Richart-Young, Anna Stoops, Tracy Wootten, I enjoyed the project. It did make us re-think our trusts. It madeNan Stenzel, Brad Paleg, Shelia Shorter, Pam Chollet us purchase an umbrella insurance policy. It is the policy of the University of Maryland Extension that no person shall be subjected to discrimination on the grounds of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital or parental status, or disability.