Digital Identities, Communities & Connections: Emerging Trends

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Digital identity, why and how: for continuing education professionals. Presented to APACUE 11 Spring Forum in PEI May 2011.

Text of Digital Identities, Communities & Connections: Emerging Trends

  • 1.Digital Identities, Connections & Communities: Emerging Trends APACUE May 27th, 2011 Bonnie Stewart University of Prince Edward Island In the Open:

2. The times, they are a' Changing 3. Directions?

  • Mass collaboration : digital technologies make cooperation possible & economical
  • Peer production : creating value without institutions or $ incentive
  • Architecture of participation : getting people involved with design or production means a ready-made market 4. Implications for Open & Distance Learning and Continuing Education? / 5. 21 stCentury ConvergenceEconomic Social Educational ? 6. The Creative Economy Members of the creative in a wide variety of industries - from technology to entertainment, journalism to finance, high-end manufacturing to the arts. They...share a common ethos that values creativity, individuality, difference, and merit. - Richard Florida,The Rise of the Creative Class , 2003 Scott Beale / Laughing Squid 7. This is not about online learning. This is abouteffectivecommunications as effectivecommunity-building . 8. This is also not about Facebook. (except for groups & pages) / 9. Instead of becoming a separate cyberspace, our electronic networks are becoming deeply embedded in real life. Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody, p.196. 10. 11. Social = Networks & ConnectednessErica Marshall of 12. Connectingis Sharing 13.

  • Digital Identity:
  • The 'face' one wears and the voice one speaks with.
  • Cumulative.
  • Searchable.
  • Continually interacted with and reflected by others.

14. Your identity is public, whether you like it or not. Own it. 15. Lesson #1: Be human 16. Lesson #2: Use your strengths Effective networking is about literacies,not technologies. 17. Past networks werelocal 18. Now they areglobal Greateramplification Greaterreach Greaterunpredictability 19. But.Existing connections are your most valuable asset. / 20. Lesson #3: start now Digital Identity allows you to participate in a participatory economy. But networks & communities don't build themselves. 21. Bonnie Stewart, @bonstewart Images maintain copyright as originally indicated by the creator, all content created by the above is creative commons, attribution. What do you have to gain?