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The movie was quite not new to me since Ive watched it several times when I was still in high school during our overnight. REFLECTION

But I must admit that the impact of this movie to me has never changed from the moment that I personally have watched it.

Indeed, when we are young we really are curious about things and would actually see for ourselves on something.It was a very realistic movie that touched my heart all over again

He inspires his students to explore things for it is indeed in doing so that you get to explore yourself and know your capacities & limitationsMr. Keating reminds me a lot of my science teacher way back in high school. she is also a very comic but a strict. Since, I am really poor in science I really refused studying the subject.

But when I met this teacher, my outlook towards the subject has changed. He made me realize that if you want to achieve something, you have to do everything that you can, so that at the end even if you succeed or fail, you can proudly say that you did your best despite of and youll have no regrets

Also, he made me realize that grades are really not what matters most but what you have learned. We have to do our best in every thing that we do all for Gods greater glory.

The movie is very suitable for us, teenagers since we are in the stage in finding out who we really are, what we really want and who we want to be. The movie encourages us to be the students who arent afraid of taking risks but at the same time with every action that we do we are responsible for it.

Comes with the great power to choose for ourselves is also the great responsibility to act accordingly for the betterment of the society

CHARACTERSMr KeatingPlayed by: Robin WilliamsThe new teacher and previous student at Welton. He inspires the boys to 'seize the day' and restart his old club, the Dead Poets Society.

Neil Perry

Played by: Robert Sean LeonardOne of Keating's students, who decides to restart the Dead Poets Society. He has a strained relationship with his controlling father.

Todd Anderson

Played by: Ethan HawkeA new student at Welton, and Neil's roommate. He starts out as the most timid of the poets, but gains confidence thanks to Keating and Neil's encouragement.

Charlie DaltonPlayed by: Gale HansenAnother of Keating's students and the most rebellious member of the Dead Poets Society.Gerard PittsPlayed by: James WaterstonThe final member of the Dead Poets Society.

Knox Overstreet

Played by: Josh CharlesMember of Keating's class and the Dead Poets Society. Spends most of the movie attempting to win the love of local girl, Chris.

Richard CameronPlayed by: Dylan KussmanAnother classmate, who is grudgingly accepted into the Dead Poets Society.Steven MeeksPlayed by: Allelon RuggieroThe smartest member of the Dead Poets Society.


This story takes place in 1959 at Welton School, a prep school for boys. John Keating, a former student at the school, begins working in the school as an English teacher. With his unique teaching methods he inspires his students to be themselves, and act like individuals. He teaches them to think for themselves and to seize the day. With the boys having a new way of viewing life, they follow there thoughts, and form a new Dead Poet's Society. Mr. Keating classes drew a lot of attention from the administration. However Neil commits suicide, and the school investigates into why this happened. The boys were then intimidated into saying that Mr. Keating was a bad influence to Neil, and he was forced to leave the school.

MORAL/LESSONTo sieze the day."carpe diem." do not let life hold you down, live in the moment and make your life extraordinary.Dreams and goals are important in life and should never be forgotten or given up.