Curriculum Compacting E-learning Module Part 2

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  • 1. +Part 2: Resources for Compacting the Math Curriculum

2. +Step One: Pre-AssessGive the preassessment to help you determine if certain students have mastered any of the learning targetsStudents need to know what the test is for! (Low stakes) 3. +Pre-assessments in Focused InstructionHaveyou used the preassessments in focused instruction? What did you do with the data? What was useful about the pre-test? What was problematic? Where are they? 4. +Step Two: Identify Mastery and Group 5. Other evidence to consider..+Compacted GROUP Slower to grasp concept and skills Is more more comfortable with concrete (vs. more abstract) thinking Poor performance on standardized tests More engaged with target level assignmentsRapid concept and skill acquisitionConsistently finishes tasks quickly and accurately Excellent standardized test performance Affective Considerations: Boredom, daydreaming, creative diversions can indicate a need for greater challengeRegular Group 6. + Working slowly at mastery tasks (perfectionism) Struggles with specific problem solving (multiple intelligences and learning styles)Complaining the work is too hard (lacking selfefficacy)Poor evidence for changing groups Parental pressure (Note that when advanced learners face challenge for the first time, it can be emotionally upsetting)Behavior Issues (need for attention) Difficulty with independent problem solving (need for skills) 7. +Step Three: Design and Align Replacement Activities Anchor ActivitiesMinnesotas Unique State Standards in MathematicsExtension Lessons for Small Group InstructionGames and Explorations 8. What is an Anchor Activity? + Immediate engagement after the launchAutonomy, independence, and choiceWork to return to whenWork to show my problem solving skills 9. +Open QuestionsProduct DevelopmentAnchor activities: choice boards, task cards, projectsParallel Tasks 10. +Extension Lessons for Small Group Instruction Aligned with every 2-6 Lessons from Core Aligned with the same learning targets as the CorePulled from NCTM, M3, and other resources, purchased for your school and found in your professional library 11. + A Variety of Games and Explorations for Addressing Student Interest and ChoiceAligned with the unit as a whole Can be used for homework, additional anchor activities, and enrichment.Include paper-based and online materials 12. +Where do we find these resources? 13. +WATCH VIDEO #2 THEN DEBRIEFHow would you organize these resources to introduce your advanced students to math compacting?Which would you focus on? Which might you exclude? How might you teach students to work with these resources?