Curation: Making Meaning & Adding Value

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TeachMeetNJ2012 presentation on curation: what it is, why we should think about teaching students to curate, and entry level tools to use.

Text of Curation: Making Meaning & Adding Value

  • 1.Curation in the Classroom: Making Meaning & Adding Value Shayne Russell School LibrarianPresentation examples Kenneth R. Olson Middle School, Tabernacle, NJ

2. ...the new search. Spell with Flickr: 3. 4. 5. ...the new contentcreation. Spell with Flickr: 6. 7. 8. If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.--Isaac Newton 9. ...just collecting andsharing.Spell with Flickr: 10. ...identifying and organizinginformation about a topic thatothers have produced to sharewith a learning community usingsocially powered tools. Spell with Flickr: 11. Meeting StandardsAASL Standards for the 21stCentury Learner1. Inquire, think critically and gainknowledge2. Draw conclusions, makeinformed decisions, applyknowledge to new situations, andcreate knowledge.3. Share knowledge andparticipate ethically andproductively as members of ourdemocratic society.4. Pursue personal and aestheticgrowth. 12. Meeting StandardsISTE Nets for Students1. Students demonstrate creativethinking, construct knowledge and developinnovative products and processes usingtechnology.2. Students use digital media and environmentsto communicate and workcollaboratively, including at a distance, tosupport individual learning and contribute to thelearning of others.3. Students apply digital tools togather, evaluate, and use information.4. Students use critical thinking skills to planand conduct research, manage projects, solveproblems, and make informed decisions using 13. Going1 beyondGoogle 14. Going 2 Seeing the Big Picture1 beyondGoogle 15. Going 2 Seeing the Big Picture1 beyondGoogle 3Learninghow to learn 16. Add a Bookmarklet to your Toolbar 17. Diigo Bookmarks 18. Diigo Student Accounts 19. Tagging Bookmarks 20. Example of a student blog entry 21. Sqworl: Visual Bookmarks 22. Symbaloo: Get Organized 23. 24. Pinterest as a Curation Tool 25. Not Pinterest its EduClipper 26. Step by Step with Mentor Mob 27. More Resources 28. . . . powerful! examplesShayne RussellSchool LibrarianKenneth R. Olson MiddleSchool, Tabernacle,