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CTI Presentation on Delivery, Installation, Training and Warranty.

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Ding O. AranasSr. ITSD ManagerEmail Add: [email protected] email add: [email protected] N0# 09471293804Telephone N0# 5240393 loc. 301,302,303Fax N0# 400-4727Website: www.cti-phil.com

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Machine Specification Software Bundle Basic Introduction of Net Support Monitoring

Software Promethean Whiteboard basic installation guide Delivery Procedure Documents Classroom layouts How to report a machine problem? Delivery Schedule Q & A

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ACER VERITON M4620G Microprocessor: 3.30 Ghz, 6MB L3 cache, 4 CORESMemory: Two 240-pin DDR SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module and Supports DDR3 1333Mhz DIMMAudio: On board 2 channel audio systemMemory: 4GB DDR3 Video: On-board Hard Disk: 500 GB 7200 rpm (SATA)Optical Drive: DVD-/+RW (SATA)LAN Support: On board 10/100/1000 Mbps LANMonitor: 18.5” Wide LED ScreenMouse: Optical PS/2 or USB interface only with mouse padWarranty: 3yrs warranty on parts, labor and on site service on the Desktop

Emerson Liebert PSP500MT3Warranty: 2yrs warranty including BatteryUnit replacement

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7 Port USB Hub

Acer Projector

Canon Pixma All-in-One Printer

Document Camera

Interactive Whiteboard

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Windows Multi Point Server 2011 Microsoft Office 2010 Anti-virus NComputing Virtualization Software NetSupport School for Monitoring Active Inspire Software Recovery CD

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Display the list of students

Monitor Realtime Keyboard Input

Instant Message Status

Manage Student Application

Manage Student Surveys

Manage Website Access

Monitor Students Machines

Student Print Management

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Classroom Management

Allow all student’s to view the teacher’s screen on their own computer

View all student monitors, scan through all monitors, as well as view a single student’s monitor

Block all student internet access

Turn off all computer monitors (can also be applied to an individual computer)

Chat/Send Message to all or a single student

Instructional• Survey class• Create and give tests

• Send/Collect Work

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The “SHOW” Function

• Gives you the ability to show your desktop on all student computers

How to enable “Show” mode:

Step 1: Left Click the “Show Menu” Icon, located on the main toolbar.

Step 2: From the drop down menu which appears, left click “Show”

To exit “Show” mode:

Right click the green arrow located at the bottom right corner of your desktop; select “End show” from the pop-up menu.

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•Allows you to see what a student is doing in “real-time” (aka: at that very moment)

• Also gives you the ability to manipulate a student’s screen as well.

How to view a student’s screen:

Simply, double click (left click twice) the student’s ICON.

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• Updates view of all student screens at a set rate

How to view All screens at once:

* Left click the “Monitor Student Machines” Icon

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Allows you (the teacher) to cycle through all student screens. Viewing them one at a time and full size on your screen.

How to enable “Scan” mode:

Step 1: Left Click the “Scan” ICON

Step 2:

- Adjust scan speed if necessary

-Left Click “Scan” to start cycle.

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Each feature does exactly as they’re titled…

Blank Monitor: Turns off all student monitors

Lock: Blocks use of mouse and keyboard on all student computers

Block All: Blocks all student internet access.

How to enable each feature:

- Simply, double click (left click twice) the respective icon.

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Send/Collect Work

Send files, such as “word” documents describing, for example, project instructions. Also possible to collect work from each client.

How to send/collect work:

Step 1: Left Click “Send/ Collect Work” ICON

Step 2: Select appropriate function from drop down menu. For example to send a file, left click “Send Work”.

Step 3: Type file location (on your computer) or Left Click browse to find file.

Step 4: “Specify” location to send on other client machines

Step 5: Left Click Send

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Step 1:Double click (left click twice) the student’s ICON.

Step 2:After “viewing” window has appeared. Left Click the “Blank” ICON.

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-Chat - Message- Lock Keyboard/Mouse use- and many others……

How to apply such features:

Step 1: Right Click the desired student’s ICON

Step 2:After the drop down menu appears, left click the desired function to apply to the selected client.

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Rather than simply blocking all internet use, NetSupport allows you (the teacher) the ability to control which websites students can access.

How to set Approved/Restricted Websites

Step 1:Left Click “Manage Student Applications”

Step 2:Left Click “NAME” under respective function (approve or restrict) and type in desired website.

ex: www.Google.com

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The “Student Survey” feature allows you (the teacher) to send a question to all connect clients, at which time they all can respond. All responses than appear under “Survey Result”.

How to access “Student Survey” feature:

Step 1:Left Click “Manage Student Surveys”

Step 2: Left Click in white box beneath “Question”. Type in desired question.

Step 3:Send message

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The send “Message” features does exactly what it’s name suggests. After clicking send, a pop-up appears on all clients (or a single selected client) displaying your message. Such a message might remind all students that there are only 5 minutes remaining in the class period.

How to use Message feature:Step 1:Left Click “client” at the top of your screenStep 2:Left Click “message” from drop down menuStep 3:Make sure message is set to “broadcast” to appropriate clients. If not, simply left click next to the desired option. A green dot, should appear to the desired option.Step 4:Left Click in the white box and type your messageStep 5:Left Click “Send”

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The testing console allows you (the teacher) to upload tests and administer them to all connected clients.

To access the “Testing Console”:

Step 1:Left Click “Blue Arrows”

Step 2:Left Click “Testing Console”

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As you may have suggested, if NetSupport allows you to administer tests, it also provides you with a “Test Designer”.

To access the test designer:

Step 1:Left Click “Start” ICON in bottom left corner of your screen.Step 2:Drag (move) mouse over “all programsStep 3:Drag (move) mouse over “NetSupport School”Step 4:Left Click “NetSupport Text Designer”

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When all else fails, use the “Help” Feature. NetSupport has a built in search feature which allows you to navigate through a variety of instructional and informative content.

How to open the “Help” Console:

Step 1:Left Click “Help” located at the top of your screenStep 2:Type in a word, or short phrase relating to the feature your trying to use.

Step 3:Hit the ENTER key to start search.Double Click results to see related content.

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168”14 Feet

Recommended furthest distance between Activboard

and Acer Projector

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DC Power Connector

-From AC adaptor Power Supply

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Check if the activboard device is found/detected to your PC.

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After you right click the ActiveInspire Icon, choose “calibrate”.

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- Pen Calibrating Sensor

Note: Do not touch the Activboard during initialization, align the Instructor pen when the sensor illuminates to steady white.

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0.5 inch

When the indicator initialized and turns to color white, align the pen and sensor about a half of an inch distance between the board and the pen.

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By using the instructor pen, Click or Hit the center of every crosshair appeared on the board (5 crosshairs).


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Hi Mam, I would like to inform you that we will

deliver the DCP machines on your school on ????

If your school is not yet ready,

please inform us on when we deliver the computers.

Hi, but our school is not yet ready for

DEPED requirements.

I would like also to inform you that we need

to accomplish the installation & training

within the ???Please give us time we will

inform you once we ready with the


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Hi, I would like to inform you that we have scheduled

delivery on ?? ES but they are ready to receive the machines because the

rooms are not yet ready.

We would like to seek your help to advice ??? ES for

the requirements

As the ICT Coordinator of ?? ES I will call principal to inform that they need

to comply with the agreed requirements.

I would like also to inform you that we need

to accomplish the installation & training

within the ???Please wait for my advice. I will

inform you through Text or


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Orani Elementary School


Maramba Elementary School Naga Bicol


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E.B. Magalona Elementary School principal Angeles Verdeprado noted the motivation for pupils and teachers who are exposed to the new technology and how the experience boosted the teaching-learning process. She also reported that dropout rate has gone down to three percent, and the initiative and creativity of teachers have increased as they prepare teaching modules for the classes that utilize the interactive whiteboard.


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Check up of Machine Delivered

Installation of Machine

SetupTesting Face to Face Training


1 to 2 days Installation and Setup2 days Face to Face Training

Tentative Date of Delivery will starts on the 2nd week of


Inform the school of the delivery

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CTI Hotline N0# 5240393 Loc. 301,302,303Globe# 09178306928 / SUN# 09399170587SMART # 0974215896

CTI Support email Add: [email protected]

CTI YM Support ID:[email protected]

CTI website: www.cti-phil.com

CTI Warranty Sticker

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Teacher CTI Call Center

• End-user must provide the information below

Company : Address : Contact Person : Contact Number : (Land Line / Cellphone) Email Address : Serial Number : Machine Model : Warranty Date : Problem :

Service request trough email always Cc copy ICT Coordinator

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Please check if the machine has a power.

Yes it has!

Please run the

Recovery CD

I already did but still has

an error.

I will dispatch a technician to check your machine.

I will dispatch a technician to check your machine.

Thank youThank you

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Please provide on-site service

to this school ????

Hi Ms. Call Center, the

computer is now working. Thank


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