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  • 1. What is it all about? CERTIFIED SCRUMMASTER TRAINING Bachan Anand 16-Sep-2012Bachan.anand@conscires.com
  • 2. CSM Certification Certification by Scrum Alliance Need to be trained by a CST ( Certified Scrum Trainer) 2 days of class room training is mandatory
  • 3. What do Certified ScrumMaster Trainings involve? 2 days of class room training by a Certified Scrum Trainer. Register with Scrum Alliance for online Exam Pass the online Exam
  • 4. Who is the certifying authority? Scrum Alliance Founded in 2002 It is a not-for-profit organization focused on advancing Scrum as a way of working Vision - Transform the world of work
  • 5. How does the certification process work? CST registers all participants within 1 week after the class Fees for the Certification exam is paid as part of the training Initial registration provides you two chances to take the exam After 2 chances you will need to pay 25 USD to take the exam again
  • 6. Why should you consider getting Certified? Do you want to learn Scrum ? Are you interested in advanced Certifications? Currently CSM is well respected in the Professional community Does it add value to your career?
  • 7. Topics covered in a CSM training Values, Principles, Agile Sprint Retrospective Manifesto Iterative & Incremental Scrum framework + Roles Release Planning The Backlog, Grooming Definition of Done Sprint Planning Distributed Scrum Daily Scrum and Sprint Burn Q&A down Quiz Sprint Review
  • 8. Benefits of attending the class 2 day Training by a World class trainer There are only 140 Trainers across the world who can deliver CSM classes Hands-on and interactive class Guaranteed to walk away with a strong understanding of Scrum
  • 9. Cost of CSM23,000 INR to 28,000 INRIncludes Certification Cost2 day Class Room trainingTraining Material CostCovers logistics & Food
  • 10. QUESTIONS?Bachan Aanandhttp://agile.conscires.com+91-9972992288Bachan.anand@conscires.com