Copyright application process

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Text of Copyright application process

Copyright application process

Copyright application process

Go to library websitehttp// on Copyright link

Click on copyright application

Copyright database open

Login detailsUse the following login detailsUse the following login details:Login: email addressPassword: 8 digit staff number, e.g. 01234567

Click on Register if you are a first time user

Complete the pageThe system will notify you if you are activated on the system

Change password

Change password

Click on copyright to see the copyright functionsClick on What is copyright for more information

What is copyright

Read more about CopyrightApply for copyright click on applicableapplication

Click on drop downs to choose specific departments and course codes

You are not allowed to ask for more e than 10% of the book

Choose item

Look at the tracking history of your application to follow the progressContact details

Bettie de Kock 420 5957Annah Molefe 420 4191Lucas Nhlangulela 420 3620