Conservation of plants & animals

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<ol><li> 1. Made By: Rakshit GuptaGuided By: Sister Maritom1/26/2012 1 </li><li> 2. Deforestation anditscausesConsequences ofdeforestationEndemic speciesConservation of Biosphereforest reservesand wildlife Wildlife sanctuary 1/26/2012 National park2 </li><li> 3. Deforestation And Its Causes1/26/2012 3 </li><li> 4. Deforestation means clearing of forests and using that land forother purposes. Trees in the forest are cut for some of thepurposes mentioned below:Procuring land for cultivationBuilding houses and factoriesMaking furniture or using wood as fuel 1/26/2012 4 </li><li> 5. 1/26/2012 5 </li><li> 6. Deforestation increases thetemperature and pollution levelon the earth. It increases the levelof carbon dioxide in theatmosphere. Ground water level also getslowered. Deforestation disturbs thebalance in nature. If cutting oftrees continues, rainfall and thefertility of the soil will decrease.1/26/20126 </li><li> 7. Fewer trees would mean that less carbon dioxide will be used up resulting in its increased amount inthe atmosphere. This will lead to global warming as carbon dioxide traps the heat rays reflected by theearth.1/26/2012 7 </li><li> 8. The increase in temperature on the earth disturbs the water cycle and may reduce rainfall. This could causedroughts.1/26/20128 </li><li> 9. Fewer trees result in more soil erosion. Removal of the top layer of the soil exposes the lower, hardand rocky layers. This soil has less humus and is lessfertile. Gradually the fertile land gets converted intodeserts. It is called desertification.1/26/2012 9 </li><li> 10. Deforestation also leads to a decrease in the waterholding capacity of the soil. The movement of water from the soil surface into the ground is reduced. So, there are floods.1/26/201210 </li><li> 11. To protect our flora and fauna andtheir habitats, protected areas calledsanctuaries, national parks and biosphere reserves have been earmarked.Plantation, cultivation, grazing, felling trees , hunting and poaching areprohibited there.1/26/2012 11 </li><li> 12. 1/26/2012 12 </li><li> 13. Endemic species are thosespecies of plants andanimals which are foundexclusively in a particulararea. They are not naturally found anywhere else. Aparticular type of animal or plant may be endemic to a zone, a state or a country.1/26/2012 13 </li><li> 14. Siberian TigerIt is found in some Asian countries.1/26/201214 </li><li> 15. Black Rhinoceros HornBlack rhinoceros horn is found in East Africa.1/26/201215 </li><li> 16. Snow LeopardThe snow leopard is found only in coniferous forestscrub and mountain steppe regions of the Himalayasand surrounding areas. It is considered an1/26/2012endangered species. 16 </li><li> 17. Giant Rafflesia FlowerThe Giant Rafflesia is the largest flower in theworld, weighing up to 7 kg and measuring up to 91 cm wide. It is found in rain forests of1/26/2012 Malaysia and Indonesia.17 </li><li> 18. OkapiThe okapi, a member of the giraffefamily, lives a secluded life deep in1/26/2012 the rain forests of eastern Africa.18 </li><li> 19. Biosphere reserves are the areas meant for conservation of biodiversity. The biosphere reserves help to maintain thebiodiversity and culture of that area.1/26/201219 </li><li> 20. Wildlife sanctuaries provides protection and suitable living conditions to wild animals. In the sanctuaries killing(poaching) and hunting of animals are strictly prohibited.1/26/2012 20 </li><li> 21. Areas reserved for wild life where they can freely usethe habitats and natural resources. Gir NationalPark. It is situatedin Gujarat.1/26/201221 </li><li> 22. Kanha National ParkIt is situated in Madhya Pradesh.1/26/2012 22 </li><li> 23. Many birds fly to far away areas every year during a particular time because of climatic changes. They fly for laying eggs asthe weather in their natural habitat becomes very cold andinhospitable. Birds who cover long distances to reach anotherland are known as migratory birds. 1/26/201223 </li><li> 24. 1/26/2012 24 </li><li> 25. 1/26/2012 25</li></ol>